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Cat-BlogStories. We’ve all got them. From the moment we were born, stories became part of our subconscious, our DNA, our culture and our identity. Some of these stories have survived the ages: David vs. Goliath; The Three Musketeers; Romeo & Juliet; Anansi, the spider; and even the Cat in the Hat.

In this blog, I want to look at stories from pop culture. Unlike some of my esteemed co-workers who love picking on popular culture, I’m an omnivorous consumer of stories. I find redemptive qualities in almost everything I watch: from the 1950s noir show M-Squad to Joss Whedon’s Sci-Fi Western Firefly. Why? Because every single movie, book, TV show, cartoon and piece of music is humanity’s story. Some of them brilliant, like Casablanca, and others laughable like Mars Attacks!

I remember sitting, wide-eyed in front of the TV as a child absorbing everything I saw. I was immediately a fan girl. My first crush was Michael J. Fox (at age 7), my first dream car was Kit, and I knew I could always be rescued by the A-Team.

Maybe it’s my closeness to Hollywood that’s made me such a fan. There’s something in the water of LA that puts a hunger for gold dust in your soul.


Our hero for this month is Clint Eastwood. In my life, he’s always been a legend. When times were tough, dad often would squint and quote the classic Dirty Harry line, “go ahead, make my day.” There was something in his stories that added some spine to every man who watched his movies. Something extremely glorious.

For many, Eastwood symbolizes gritty manhood and a piece of classic Hollywood. A native son of my beloved California, he’s even got a story that reeks of the California mystique. A friend smuggled him into Universal Studios to see a friend, cameraman Irving Glassberg. Glassberg was impressed with Eastwood and got him a meeting with a director. The rest became Hollywood history. See what I mean? Everyone has a story.

Eastwood just celebrated his 80th birthday. The indomitable man has proven he can act, produce, direct, and compose. He’s truly the spirit of the creative soul that inspires us to do great things. In a recent interview, the actor said, “I leave that to younger actors now. I’m not a prize fighter who has to capture another victory.”

If the statement had been left at that, I think every fan would have understood and accepted, but what makes Eastwood the legend we’re celebrating is his next line.

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop acting, though.”

Here’s to Clint, and I hope we have many more heroes like him in the future.



Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly

(Photo Taken from

So let me make this abundantly clear. I do the job…
Then I get paid.

Our boss, Sebastian A. Jones, wanted a Clint Eastwood quote here, but being unversed in the ‘Verse didn’t realize that Malcolm Reynolds is one of the latest in a long line of pop culture characters who borrow from the characters Clint Eastwood portrayed. Captain Mal is a no-nonsense rebel who has learned survival means sometimes you have to kick a guy into the engine of your ship without blinking. Go ahead Crow, make his day.


Movie: SALT (Sony Pictures)
Much hype has gone into this new film. We expect lots of action and we’re hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the characterization and acting.

TV: Psych (USA)
Psych is back for a new season. If you haven’t watched this dramedy about two best friends who run a Psychic Detective Agency (but, in reality, aren’t psychics), you’re missing some of the cleverest in-joke writing on television. USA Networks seems to have recaptured the lost art of making shows that are intelligent, funny, witty and entertaining. Of course, it’s not as dark as some of our titles, but we have to applaud a show that can mention an 80′s rock band, Funyuns, The Great Gatsby and a 70′s TV show all in the same episode.

Music: “Total Life Forever”, Foals
Forget Sheryl Crow, our pick for this week’s new release is from a British indie rock band named after baby horses. Foals, which has a cult following in the UK, may not be the first British band named after barnyard animals, but their prog/math rock stylings are worth a listen. If you like Razorlight or similar bands, you may dig these guys.

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