Hello Stranger #2 Untamed Film Announcement

Hello-Stranger-BlogHello Stranger,

Perhaps by now you have heard of the film announcement on THE UNTAMED,
and might have wondered how we arrived at such an auspicious event.
It hasn’t been easy.

Hollywood has been described as a “journey,” and for me that journey is the measure of a person. Having arrived at the city of angels half a lifetime ago, I have waited for doors to open and unknowingly invited demons to enter. Some wore beaten T-shirts and snaggle-toothed smiles, some came wielding sage and rocking ‘fros, and others were suit-wearing mother f@#!ers with dollars for your rent and a whole lot more. The yellow bricked star path to fame may seem golden to those who have never trod it, but I can tell you it’s nothing more than a sea of beaten down bronze weaves. What I am trying to say is – don’t wait for that precious metal – get out your hammer and forge and start crafting your own sword to do battle. And recognize the war angels that are doing the same.

I am thrilled and honored to be embarking on a cinematic journey with The Untamed with such great visionaries: Lloyd Levin produced one of my all time favorite films, Boogie Nights. But he is more known for his film geek cred with Watchmen, Hellboy, and Lara Croft. Andrew Sugerman has been a friend for years. He is an Oscar nominated director, and has recently produced the beautiful Conviction. Andrew Cosby is the co-founder of Boom! Studios and the co-creator of SyFy’s Eureka. He is a rare genius who will make his directorial debut. Despite Ken Locsmandi being a roleplaying beserker and MMA lunatic, he is a VFX guru and true creator. He has worked on The Matrix, Fight Club, and Donnie Darko to name a few. These gentlemen will be my comrades in making The Untamed motion picture.

Mix these ingredients with the Stranger Comics team of Peter Bergting, Darrell May, Hyoung Taek Nam, Christopher Garner, Joshua Cozine, Hannibal Tabu and Tabitha Grace Smith… recipe for obliteration of mediocrity.

Glitter may attract the eye, but it can also detract from the truth. The truth is, we are committed to bringing you tales that are rooted in fantasy and reality and even obscurity. We know we are not alone in hating the insubstantial fluff that is rammed down our throats by creators who believe their audience to be the intellectual equivalent of a grapefruit. We will not insult your intelligence; we will assault your sensibility.


The Stranger



Bruce Lee

There was a scene in Enter the Dragon when the camera zoomed into Bruce’s eyes. Intensity, focus, unwavering courage, truth…

Whenever I was scared as a boy, I thought of that moment and tried to be, I don’t know, unafraid perhaps. Or at least trying to convince myself the fear didn’t matter. And so I went through with asking the girl out, standing up to the school bully etc. Probably more than any other, that film shaped my formative years. With Christopher Walmsley (our font creator), I watched Bruce’s finger pointing away to the moon and tried to not concentrate on the finger for fear of a head slap. We could recite every line and perform every move (poorly). We purchased the soundtrack and the books and we even walked around in our Kung Fu suits with our Mums on Saturday afternoons at the local village shops. Chris eventually got very good at Kung Fu… I was okay, had a good (“Sebby”) sidekick and quick hands. Especially the one-inch punch.

But I digress…

The point is, here we were, a couple of snot nosed kids from small world, England, worshipping a Chinese American who had basically become a hero to every human being of every culture that had television sets. Before Bruce Lee, Asians were portrayed by American cinema as buffoons or servants. The celebrated Mickey Rooney in the “classic” Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of many tragic displays of how America has degraded cultures with savage effects. Bruce Lee changed that. He revolutionized mixed martial arts, philosophy, health and fitness, and maybe the most important of all – the way everyone saw this Asian man – as their hero.

“Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

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