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Cat-BlogThere are some words that I think are used too freely. Legend or legendary is one of them. When society can apply the same descriptive word to a historical genius and a hamburger, we have some problems. The same applies to the word epic. Both words, I try not to overuse or abuse. Yet, sometimes the words just beg to be used.

Like when you talk about Bruce Lee.


I’ll be the first one to admit; I’ve only seen a couple of Bruce Lee films. I’m not of the generation who fell in love with Bruce Lee, but I am of the generation that reaped the benefits of his career. His fans are proof of his legacy, one which has continued long after his death. Numerous websites and message boards tell of how Bruce Lee inspired people across political/social/economic boundaries to aspire to something else. One such fan, Willie Johnson, put it best when he said:

 I did everything I could do to become like Bruce Lee. He was the only person that most of us in the projects could relate to. That’s because he was a real person; unlike other movie stars, he didn’t seem that far away.

Society has always needed a legend. From King Arthur to Michael Jordan, people need a hero. Heroes make us strive to be better. They teach us that anyone can have success through discipline, hard work and determination. Despite the cultural climate of discrimination, the pain of his injuries, and the sheer mental and physical rigors of his martial arts – Bruce Lee succeeded.

How do you measure the legacy of a man or woman? How do we know that our hero of the month is, in fact, a genuine hero? You could measure his success in the rise of interest in martial arts. Or you could measure it in the fact that over 35 years later, his hometown is preserved as a historical landmark. Possibly, you could point to the thousands of fans that traveled to Seattle in 2008 to mark his death. There’s also the statutes, the web sites, the TV specials, the continued fan clubs, and the groups of people who claim Bruce Lee is still alive (not unlike a certain rock star formerly of Graceland). Yet, to this fan girl, the true mark of Bruce Lee’s legacy is that he changed those who knew him. He took people of every race, country and creed and sparked something inside of them that they may not have known they had. He did all this by simply doing what he loved to do.

So the next time you bite into a hamburger and want to claim it legendary, I hope you take a minute to consider the true legends in your history. Think about the men and women who have striven for, worked toward and given themselves to something bigger than any one person. Reserve the legendary for those who have made a difference. Just call the burger awesome instead.



Bruce Lee
“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”



Music: Cotes d’ Armor – Kevin Max
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TV: Terriers (FX)
Already getting great reviews, FX’s new show Terriers is funny, smart and wickedly deceiving. If you’re looking for a scruffy PI business that’s chock-full of the witty and funny, look no futher.
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DVD: Glee: The Complete First Season (20th Century Fox)
If 19 Emmy Nominations weren’t enough to convince you to start watching I’m not sure what will. Glee returns on Sep 21st, so pick up the first season on DVD and get caught up. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be a Gleek* before you get to the third episode.
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