Stranger Scribbles #5 GALEMREN Wild Elves Racial Study

Scribbles-BlogGALEMREN (Wild Elves) – Racial Study by Darrell May for projects: THE UNTAMED and MORKA MOA

In the land of Asunda (which, if lyrically phrased, sounds like a Men at Work song) we go for cultural diversity, unlike some fantasy worlds that have been bleached down to bunny rabbits and brigands shouting “You, sir!” “Me, sir?” “Have at thee.”

So, while we have our own organic take on medieval Europe, we also have our take on the nomadic tribes who have existed since the birth of man and will continue to exist as a major force for the lifetime of our world.

Galemren are one of four Isinniel (Elf) types who dwell under the sun and moon. They are distrusting of not only those who build cities and bring war and disease, but also of their cousins.

Art Director Darrell May was an anthropology major, so everything he draws on his characters has a practical use. For instance, some of the Galemren warriors wear thin wooden spiky needles in their dreadlocks. These can be used as an eating utensil, whether skewering meat or opening the jugulars of great beasts like Ugloth for drinking blood. They can also be used in combat, ensuring that the Galemren is never weaponless and can always make a quick, silent kill. But they are also a show of pride and status.

Here are some rough sketches of our collective vision on how these fierce warriors and proud family people look, act, and simply… exist.

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