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Dweef-BlogGoodbye Gene,

Even though we never met, I feel like I lost a friend. It was earlier this year when I read issue 601 of Captain America and thought to myself, “There’s something different about this guy’s work.” Little did I know that you had been around for years, perfecting your craft.

Gene, you’ve been around forever and I’m pissed that I just noticed you plowing your way through the Marvel and DC Universes. Now that I know a little about you, I know that next time I walk into a comic shop and see Gene Colan on a cover, I‘ll pick up that issue and say to myself, “Gene isn’t gone, he’s right here.”

Thanks man,



Hey everybody,

Sorry to start things off so seriously in my new blog, but I couldn’t help myself. Gene Colan just died at the age of 84 and that is quite an achievement. Not only to live that long amongst our fellow man, but to be an exceptional comic artist for almost that entire time. I recently came across his work and was really amazed with his compositions, layouts, and overall continuity. Here are some images of Gene’s pencils for issue 601. This is my favorite page.


Bastogne people! If any of you have seen Band of Brothers, you know what I am talking about. I look at this page and realize just how amazing Gene was with his pencil. Panel 3 and 4 of Bucky’s boots going up the steps… amazing. The details are perfectly placed in these panels. I don’t even want to talk about the first panel, but take a look, stop and think about it. The entire page in my opinion is a perfect example of a good layout.


Anyone need to catch a train? Seriously, look at the composition of panel 1 on this page. I love the overhead train. There is a simplicity to Gene’s style that works perfectly for this type of storytelling; I hear the sounds of the street just by looking at the image. The perspective is good and the balance of detail is just right. From lampposts, to newspapers, to the right level of shading on the car in the background, Gene has it all going on. Let me know what you guys think about these compositions in the comment section, I am curious to hear your opinions on Gene’s work.

In the coming future, I plan on talking about other artists and their work on this blog every week. I do a lot of research on artists and their techniques and it is very helpful when it comes to producing original content. Inspiration and reference, they are key if you’re going to get any better at the craft.

Click here to see some more pages of Gene’s work on issue 601 of Captain America, brought to you by CBR.

Peace out fools and until next time, mash a Deeurp (Dr. Pepper) for me, “It’s the Taste!”

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