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Hello-Stranger-BlogHello, Stranger.

It’s been a while since my last ramblings, but a lot has been going on in the fantasy world of my crazy life! That said, let me be the first to say that at Stranger Comics we’ve been sharpening our swords and growing beards of enormous Viking length. Why, you ask? Well – we are preparing for war!

FrazettaDeathDeaker-thumb-520x785-385571-180x271The latter part of the year we plan to annihilate with all new fantasy titles set in the world of ASUNDA! Beautiful violence for the dark fantasy fan who is sick and tired of characterless axe wielding carbon copies of copies. Newbies beware, Darrell May is on the warpath with his TALE of MORKA MOA. The most violent Grachukk (Great Orc) to ever have his own frickin’ title. Keep your eyes peeled for Morka’s patented spine breaking maneuver. And to all those UNTAMED fans out there, the best is yet to come. After climbing Mount Everest in just his speedos and teaching the monks of Tibet the true healing power of Swedish meatballs, the brilliant Peter Bergting and his talented cohort, me, will make your eyes bleed with the savagery of the Stranger and A SINNER’S PRAYER! And why do I mention MORKA MOA and THE UNTAMED in the same stupendous paragraph – perhaps it has something to do with a Sin-Galemren child, whose off colored eyes are that of legend!

All that and a complete redux of DUSU: PATH of the ANCIENT with newcomer James Cory Webster who I can tell you is making sweet love to his Wacom. Keep your peepers posted for that and Vinh Ha’s delightful interpretation of Christopher Garner’s nursery rhyme LITTLE BOY PO, as not all of our Asunda titles are about blood and guts! What I am trying to tell you is if ever you’ve rolled a twenty sided, played D & D, LARPed or got laid to the soundtrack of Fistful of Dollars in the back of a Mustang ’65, then you will not want to miss the upcoming events in the vast and volatile world of…




Under the sun god’s rage, this is the month of war, and what better way than to celebrate with the wrath and thunder of Frazetta, King of Men!

Whenever I see the works of Frank Frazetta, I am riveted. Rooted to the spot, a soundtrack of lust and violence thundering through from groin to brain, and I am in another world where all that matters is – life and death. Death Dealer sits upon his black horse, holding his axe and shield with frightening ease, his perfect helm hinting at the crimson murder that will come. I was probably twelve years old when I first saw this masterpiece. Although I was painting Warhammer figures and reading The Hobbit and such, it was Frazetta that put an iron gauntlet on my soul. That was my kind of fantasy! It was without mercy, unfiltered, uncompromising… untamed! From then on I knew, when I was playing Dungeons & Dragons or Rolemaster, the world I was going to create would be of men who would bring war and terror and the brave souls who would stand against them. And the women… well, that didn’t hurt either.

To read facts on Frank Frazetta click here or check out a remarkable documentary titled “Frazetta: Painting with Fire”.

Also, please check out Stranger’s own Peter Bergting’s wonderful comic he illustrated with author Rick Remender for IMAGE titled: “Frank Frazetta’s Creatures.”

So, who can tell me…

“What is best in life?”

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