Stranger Scribbles #4 Morka Moa Character Study

Scribbles-BlogStranger Scribbles is going to hit you now and every Monday with sketches from our various projects and genius artists. They are going to come from artists like Peter Bergting, Hyoung Man, Sheldon Mitchell, Steph Stamb and newcomer James Cory Webster to name a few. This week we are going to have a glimpse into the world of Asunda. I managed to hijack our resident gloomy Harvey Pekar Art Director’s (Darrell May) computer, and grabbed a couple of hot chick sketches—

You ever wonder what a female Orc looks like? I do. Lay awake at night dreaming of rough green skin, coarse hands, and saggy pillows. Okay, so maybe I liked to play elves and orcs as a wee lad, Hulk and She-Hulk… but let’s focus on how Darrell conjures up his jade jewels of Asunda!

What you see below are the first concept sketches of Ithlik, a savage Ragatt (lesser Orc), who rides alongside her chief, the terrifying Morka Moa. This is for a two issue romp for Tales of Asunda to be shown in its pencil stage on the Grimoire. Darrell spends hours sketching each character until they are perfect, so we can capture the exact look and feel of how we want our books and our fantasy world to be. We know how role players pour their heart and soul into characters for the weekly table top game, so the least we can do is the same for our comics.

Please be advised… there will be much more to come!

So here is a sample of how Ithlik came into our lives.


Ithlik rides her beast. Arujahim (Devil of the Desert). Very rough.


Playing with facial scarring, simple physiology. Possible headdress or bald. The tribe of Morka Moa scalp the dreadlocks of the enemies, the Galemren (Wild Elves), and wear them as a show of power.


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