Stranger Comics Ruining San Diego Part 1

Dweef-BlogTwas the night before Comic Con…

Did you make it down to San Diego for the big convention this year? Did you have a good time? Well, if you didn’t there’s a very good chance it was because you ran into these two dweefs.


Seriously, would you let these two anywhere near ANY convention, let alone the largest comic book and entertainment gathering in the world?!!!

That’s right friends, Stranger Comics’ own demented elves Strangelfling and Belfie were in every nook and cranny of the San Diego Comic Con to spread their brand of gaseous cheer. There wasn’t a panel they couldn’t crash, a wench they didn’t defile or a receptacle they wouldn’t urinate in!


The Stranger Comics crew was there and we captured the hijinks on film and I’m sure that some of their antics are even illegal in several of these United States of America. We’re compiling and editing the wacky interviews, celebrity sightings and senseless violence to share with you over the coming week so stay tuned!


And if you encountered these two at any time during your stay in San Diego, we are very, very, VERY sorry and we promise to pay for the damages.

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