Stranger Dweef Ruining San Diego Part 2

Dweef-BlogHey there my loyal Dweefs,

This week I am cramming away on Morka Moa boards like a beast. Comic Con was crazy this year, full of B.O., sweat and foot aches. But overall, my journey there was a success. While I was there I managed to snap a few photos of Christmas Elves Strangulfin and Belfy, two loseWeight Exercisers that are desperately trying to make it into the RUINING CHRISTMAS script. The problem is, this isn’t just some story that’s been made up. This shit is real!


I tried to tell them why they didn’t make it into the script. They weren’t there when all that ish went down in ‘07 and ‘08. I told them I couldn’t make this shit up and that I had to tell the truth. They spat and cursed at my dwarven nethers and I tried to reason with them, but Strangulfin (I think he was high) kept repeating “We’re taken Ova, we’re taken Ova,” like a broken record. The fat one just stood there making this terrible bird squawk. It sounded like he was saying “Alright” but as if he was crapping his voice through a gutted gooseneck. I don’t know, it was a train wreck and to be honest with you, I am glad I was able to walk away from those idiots. I was this close to losing it.



Anyways, now Con is over and ish is starting to stabilize, I will be back next week with another great dig into the world of creating comics. I’ve got a great artist to dissect, so stay tuned. It’s going to be the taste.

I leave you now, as I sometimes do, with the immortal words of others. Today, our words of wit come from Kip.

“Peace out.”


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