Stranger Scribbles #7 Meet Richard Thornsberry

Scribbles-BlogDear Scribblers!

As we have been put on hiatus for the last couple of weeks thanks to the roguish “elves” running around Comic Con, we have decided to make this week’s blog about another very naughty lad. In fact, we call him the Captain, not because he sails a ship, or because he is a defender of liberty and the American way… we call him this because a wise man once said… “You know your shit, captain.” And – well, it stuck.


Richard Thornsberry is a savage. With a brush, quill… and whatever stabbing instrument he can use to draw (or paint) blood (or ink). I should share some of his amazing feats, such as the fact that he only started being an artist in 2008. He’s a prodigy, which kind of pisses me off. But it also inspires me that he found his calling as an adult, and under the guidance of masters like Sean Cheetham, he is making his own mark.

In his own words…

“My primary focus is figurative fine art. I prefer dramatic light and techniques employed by the great masters. My influences include Caravaggio, J. S. Sargent and Gustave Courbet.

“Though primarily self-taught, I have studied under several successful artists. I am constantly trying to strike a balance between exploratory experimentation and academic draftsmanship, which is why I have recently begun working digitally in Corel painter alongside traditional mediums.

“Relatively new to illustration, I have recently begun work as an in-house artist at Stranger Comics. In addition, I have several pieces of work in private collections. I have shown with other artists such as Eli Presser, and my first solo show is scheduled for this year at the Gallows Gallery.


“My first and foremost goal as an artist is to master my craft, diligently study what has come before and hopefully add to it. Secondly, I aim to conflate modern subject matter with old master aesthetic. Though i tend to be macabre in my choice of content, that is where I feel at home. Pain, power, dominance, submission, misery, silence, self-destruction, and father-son relationships are all things I am compelled to explore. Be it in a power portrait or landscape.”

Richard Thornsberry is a brilliant addition to the Stranger posse and we are lucky to have him. When we UNLEASH STRANGER TERROR upon the world, it’ll feel beautifully defiled thanks to the Captain.



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