Hello Stranger #7 The Untamed Is Reborn

Dweef-Blog1Hello, Stranger.

We made it to 2012, and we’re already coming up to the love month and the celebration of black history. This year, Stranger Comics is going to celebrate a glorious mix of both (in between Ruining Christmas snippets and a new fairy tale from our legendary Viking, Peter Bergting).

And to that end, I want to kick off this sprightly blog with a gentleman’s nod to Mr. Bergting, who it must be said, is a remarkable talent as a writer, painter, and Swedish meatball master chef. He is also a dear friend who has once again picked up his wand and is attacking the tale that started Stranger Comics with his genius eye. It’s a deal we made many lifetimes ago.



And to those who know who the Untamed truly is, that is a hellish fantasy to behold indeed. The Untamed Issue #3 is almost upon us, as Peter improves upon the first two issues. And with #4 at the letterer and #5 underway, Peter is only raising expectations each time. The seventh and final day in the series will prove to be simply sweeter, darker, and more delicious than all before it, as only dealing with the devil can be.

We are the lucky mortals who get to witness an artist in his prime on a tale that has never been told…



Have you ever picked up a copy of THE PORTENT? I did, and it blew me away. There was something… beautifully off about it. I couldn’t put my finger on it, and that challenged me. It had mystery, charm, and intelligence. It was timeless. There was sensitivity to the narrative that was a blend of darkness and innocent hope. And beautiful irony that spoke in metaphors of today’s world heading into an impending doom if we don’t all become the everyday hero we can be.


Since that first day, I have watched Peter’s work bloom into something so original and wonderfully unique, that even the masters he so admires have taken note. Yet his humility will not allow him the recognition he richly deserves, and he cannot see that he is sitting right alongside them.


Stranger Comics would not be the same without Peter Bergting. We are proud to be partnered with him and honored to call his wonderful family our own.

To Sofia, Tilde, Amelie, and Peter…

Thank you,

The Stranger Team


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