Stranger Dweef 4, Before Watchmen

Dweef-Blog1Hello, my fellow bearded Dweefs. I bring tidings of woe and elation.

Last week, on Feburary 1, 2012, a date which will live in comic book infamy, the world was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Watchmen prequels. Now, I will not cast judgment as of yet, for Jae Lee is to draw the Ozymandias book and you all know how I love me some Jae Lee. But I cannot ignore the signs as all of the gods and fiends across infinite earths and alternate universes move towards us for the coming Ragnarok. Galactus has moved off the frontline of The Fault, leaving the Cancerverse unwatched (pun intended). Darkseid has hit the ignition on the engines of Apokolips and has once again taken aim at the heart of Superman. The end is here for those that pray at the altar of the Watchmen.

Now that we, the comic nerds of the world, have had some time to digest the coming of a new era of Watchmen books, what are we to do?

Do we partake in what some have hailed as blasphemy? Or do we pick up our AIM tech, unsheathe our adamantium claws and start hunting down Moloids for answers? Or, do we wait to see what DC and this amazing team of talent has in store for us? I, for one, am going to suppress my judgment until I get to read it. I usually jump all over shit like this as if it’s going to make me sick or ruin the quality of my intellectual nerdity, but the 12 year old in me wants to peek into the peephole and see what’s inside.

The creative teams that have been assembled to pave the way into this new era of Watchmen content are as creative and as experienced as it gets. And who is that, you ask? I’m glad you asked, but I am not going to name them all, just the ones I give a shit about. No, I should not say it like that, I just don’t want to ramble on about every last bit of talent that has been assembled. I love me some Kuberts, I really do, just not enough to write about them today. I will save that for another blog.

Darwyn Cooke, a fan favorite for many years, is set to write Minutemen and Silk Spectre and is drawing the former. I loved his work on Parker and DC’s The New Frontier.

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Lee Bermejo, who recently just completed Batman Noel, one of my favorite books to come out last year, will be tackling Rorschach. Can’t think of a more gritty and detailed artist to attack the dreaded Rorschach. You can literally

smell the streets when he draws Batman. 3


Straczynski, one of my favorite writers, takes on Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan. A good choice considering JMS is responsible for an exceptional and modern take on Thor. And let’s not forget his iconic run on Spider Man. Love it or hate it, it is an accomplishment to create that kind of buzz with your work.


And last but not least, Jae Lee. The man that brought us into the world of Roland and the Dark Tower.


The man who brought us the greatest manifestation of the Inhumans these eyes have ever seen.


The man who beat Batman to a pulp with such angelic composition, that I found myself starring at the page for far too long. Plus, his take on Harvey Dent was as visually sick on the outside as it was on the inside.


This is the man who will be drawing the smartest man alive, Ozymandias.


Well, I know this is going to be controversial and could be a complete train wreck, but I am willing to bet that the books will do well and fans will respond positively, for the most part. Before Watchmen will be enjoyable and will be riddled with talented writing and art, but as talented as the creators are, it also will not be anywhere near as brilliant and magical as the original.

So chill out and enjoy it for what it is.


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