Stranger Cat Where Have All the Female Heroes Gone?

blackwidow2As I’ve said before, I’m really looking forward to the Avengers movie, but I’m kind of disappointed that Black Widow never got her own movie when almost all the other Avengers have one (or two) films under their super hero belt. I can’t blatantly call it sexist because Hawkeye didn’t get a film either (and has an even smaller role in Thor). But still, it bothers me.

Not that I should be surprised, the female hero has kind of had a run of bad luck lately starting with the off-page Catwoman movie and the never-happened Wonder Woman movie and Wonder Woman TV show. And it’s not just comic book heroes; strong fictional females seem to be hard to find in video games, movies, TV, and novels. In fact, in the recently over-hyped video game Brink you can customize your character so much that it (potentially) could be unique only to you, but there’s no female characters.


All of this is despite the fact that women are quickly becoming the bigger spenders at the box office. What gives? If we want to see a kick-ass female this summer in the theater we’re going to have to go see Hunger Games (okay, I was going to see it anyways), but why must comic book fans retreat to YA?

Sadly, it seems that the major publishers of comics don’t want to play to the female audience (despite the fact that women are 90% more likely to choose where the household income goes). Traditional publishing, TV, and radio have already understood that their target audiences are usually women, but the entertainment industry seems to keep going, “oh my, we had no idea you females watched movies.”

I pray for strong, female heroes that little girls can look up to and emulate. I have to give props to the smart and strong secondary characters from the recent movies like Pepper Pots (Iron Man) and Sif (Thor), but hopefully soon there’ll be a main character. And it’s totally okay if it’s not Wonder Woman…

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