Stranger Scribbles #6 Galemren (Wild Elves)

Scribbles-BlogOkay folks. So I am uber geeked out this week to unveil our latest and greatest addition to the Stranger family. Drum roll please – Timba style – for James Cory Webster (JCW)!

We are heading deep into an emerald Jungle in the heart of Ujoa to immerse ourselves with the Lords of the Ugoma. We are very proud of this title that is a fantasy play on The Last of the Mohicans or even The Jungle Book, where we find a man out of his element raised by Galemren (Wild Elves). It is here we find our hero is not exactly human either… he is on the Path of the Ancient. And what is an Ancient, you cry? An Ancient (or as we say in Asunda – Ancunarim!) is the living demi-god totem of a sacred beast. All exciting stuff.

But let’s focus on the art of JCW. The man has embraced the world and the tale with passion and with him we are exploring new landscapes. Here is what he had to say!

“While doing the concept art for the Ancient I tried to envision what a society would look like if they had no interaction with the modernized world. I focused heavily on stone weapons that the Maori tribe would use as well as Aztec and Native American clothing. The look and feel of the Galemren is influenced heavily by the tribes in central Africa. I wanted them to come off as strong, proud warriors who are one with their environment.”

Here is a sneak peek of how JCW, after hours of confab with Darrell May, conjured Omdar Shem (the tribal chief of Ugoma!)

galemren_concept_page_elder_a galemren_concept_page_elder_b galemren_concept_page_elder1 omdar_tat_final

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