Stranger Dweef #3 Gabriel Hardman

Dweef-BlogAll right my loyal little Dweefs!

It’s a new week, which means it’s time for a new blog! Got something really cool to show you, so grab a Deeurp (Dr. Pepper), pop the tab and mash.

So here is Gabriel Hardman! I recently discovered him and his work in the current issues of HULK. I consider it a miracle, due to the fact that as of late I have not been reading much of The Big Green, since lately it’s been The Big Red and I only like my gum in that color, not my HULK! But anyways, as I flipped through the stacks of coprolite that is weekly shat upon my local comic shop counter I was blown away by his work on HULK. To me, Gabriel and a few others like David Mazzucchelli and Michael Lark are masters of classic comic book storytelling. I have a lot of favorites when it comes to the medium and I feel like Gabriel is capturing some of that spotlight recently. Take a look at some simple images that he has done.


I love me some Batman, as does much of the world. So there are many, many versions of the Cape and Cowl, many are good, tons are bad. Gabriel captures the essence of Batman in these images with exceptional brush work. I find it stunning in its simplicity. The brush is fast and the results are amazing. Here are some more.

2 (1) 3 (1)


I also dig some Storm and not the Halley Berry kind. This is the classic Mohawk and punk rock look that I have come to love.

Here at Stranger, we are planning epic tales with Niobe at the forefront, and all I can think about is Niobe when I see Gabriel’s Storm. I would love to see his version of her; I think it would be stunning.

Alright, so keep your eyes peeled back gang. Gabriel is on the move in a big way in the Marvel U. I look forward to practicing this style of comic storytelling in the coming months and years. It is a very artistic and very fast paced of telling a tale in the comic medium. Hit me up with your thoughts and continual lashings of good taste and ish.

Until next time pals,


p.s. Here is one final piece of good cake. His version of one of my favorite villains.



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