Hello Stranger #9 The Untamed

Hello-Stranger-BlogHello Stranger,

Once again we have returned to the gritty Town of Oasis following our hero, the Stranger, as he travels on his path of vengeance. It has been a while since the last issue was released. We all have our own road to travel from dark to light to greatness. So, as we share in the struggles of this antihero, we know it will be worth the salvation that comes with fighting the “good” fight, slaying demons and embracing salvation. In other words, it is worth the wait. Peter Bergting has delivered a masterpiece, and the writing’s pretty good too;) I am very excited, as we continue to release tales in Asunda that include Dusu: Path of the Ancient, and soon, Morka Moa (Darrell May) and Erathune (Sheldon Mitchell); The Untamed: a Sinner’s Prayer, the graphic novel that started Stranger Comics, is out and it seriously rocks, in a dark, visceral and unforgiving way.

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Below is the haunting cover to Issue 5 (Day 5 of 7).


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“If the Hand will embrace,
My love,
I will die with thunder,
My love.