This Untamed journey has been ticking along for ten years now – mirrors Stranger’s own purgatory waiting for the Devil to unleash his torment on those who murdered him and his family. Well, things are not quite that serious although at times it has felt that way. A lot of people have sacrificed their time and time from their loved ones for this book. People have tried to make it, steal it, and obliterate it. So, from the depths of my soul I thank you for helping make this 248 page beast of a book and savage reality. kickstarter made THE UNTAMED a staffpick in the first day. We made our Kickstarter goal in 6 days and have blown past our first stretch goal. This fantasy tale is really about sacrifice and relationships. It is about what is important in life and is so very dear to my heart… and now it will hopefully be dear to yours.

Much love,

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