Hello Stranger #8 Coloring Books

Hello Stranger,

Such is the ongoing debate on the lack of color in comics and kids books that we have decided
to attack the topic with passion. We took a good look at the subject last year, courtesy of Collectors
creator and Stranger alum, Eddie DeAngelini, in his Comics 101 blog, but I think it is worth
revisiting. Most folk seem to be at opposite ends of a multi-corner “spectrum”. We have
the terrified and absurdly politically correct, the angry and educated, the ignorant, the happily
ignorant, and the obtusely racist. To quote one of my favorite British comics, Al Murray, “the
point is this…”

Stories of all colors, shapes, and sizes need to be told – without preaching,
reaching or pretending.

So in the upcoming months we look forward to sharing with you an array of tales for the young,
the old, and the older. Our book, I Am Mixed (first in the I Am Book Series), is set for an in store release on August 7th and is available for digital download now. To download from Amazon Kindle nowCLICK HERE and itunes CLICK HERE. This book will examine the issue of race, specifically of being multi-racial, from the perspective of children. We hope that you’ll find it enlightening. The follow up, I Am Living in 2 Homes, (for kids who deal with divorce) will be available later in the year. I am very honored to co-author the I Am books with actress Garcelle Beauvais, and also very proud of our amazing illustrator James C. Webster, who has created a magical world for our mixed twins to inhabit.


“I Am Mixed is an invaluable teaching tool that all children of all races can learn from.”
 Halle Berry

But such is the diversity of Webster’s talent that we will very shortly be offering another project of color, adeptly illustrated by Webster, but focusing on much more adult material. Dusu: Path of the Ancient is a 4 issue mini-series set in the fantasy world of Asunda that presents elves as you’ve never seen them before, bringing us into their world via a human raised amongst their kind. 3 issues are in the can, and you can expect #1 to be released digitally very soon with subsequent issues to be released monthly.


Our entire crew looks forward to sharing the work we’ve been doing with you. It promises to be an exciting strange year.

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