Untamed and Niobe


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A couple of months ago, we released the last issue of the series NIOBE: She is Life by Amandla Stenberg, Ashley A. Woods, Darrell May and myself. (Don’t worry, details on NIOBE: She is Death will be announced soon). We also released THE UNTAMED: Killing Floor, the sequel to THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer. We returned the original Untamed team of myself, Darrell, and Peter Bergting along with cover artist Hyoung Taek Nam, but we expanded the team by adding superstar Jae Lee. The Untamed tells Niobe’s story as a young girl before the Niobe series. Incidentally, ERATHUNE also stars Niobe but years after the Niobe series. All these comic titles plus Dusu (and Waso) are set in the fantasy world of Asunda.

On January 25th, we kicked off the year with THE UNTAMED: Killing Floor #2. This issue is special to me as not only did Jae Lee deliver one of the most beautiful images of Niobe I have ever seen, it also pushed the creative relationship between Peter, Darrell, our editor Joshua, and myself to a new level. We have been trying various approaches and different art styles to better reflect our fantasy world in a way that we hope will engage our audience. I have written looser descriptions and given Darrell more freedom to pen his own director’s point of view onto the boards, and Peter has opted for a more watercolor feel. We hope you enjoy and continue the journey of The Untamed and look forward to sharing more titles with you later this year.

Please come find us at conventions, but don’t forget to support your local retailer. Let them know we have a voice. If you want some rare variants, prints, or maybe Niobe’s Amulet of Arnuminel (designed by me, crafted by Lord of the Rings jewelers Badali, and modeled by Amandla above) hop on over to our store.


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