Hail to the King… and Queen!

Hello Stranger,

What a time to be a creator… the world is upside down but the Black Panther has once again grounded our community with a hero we can get behind. I am so thankful for this opportunity to be a part of the movement in the global alliance. I just watched Chadwick Boseman talk about the impact the film has on children. It really affected me, after experiencing such a rush of love from young and old alike with what we experience for Niobe at conventions and from around the world… to all the cosplayers and folks getting ink of Niobe on their skin. We are joined in life forever.

We all have a Niobe inside ourselves, and it’s time to let her roar.”
 – VIOLA DAVIS (from her foreword)

We also were honored beyond words when Viola Davis gave her passionate foreword for the NIOBE: She is Life hardcover alongside the foreword from brilliant Black Girl Nerds Founder Jamie Broadnax. And the Dusu hardcover was graced with a foreword by genius writer Brandon Easton.

So as we get ready to embark on our year of conventions and other endeavors, we had to be a part of it all… so as we wrap up Erathune issue #4, written by Niobe’s own Darrell and myself with Niobe She is Death artist Sheldon Mitchell on art, here is our homage to T’Challa! With a Fantastic Four #52 first appearance of the king – tip of the hat with our very own queen, Niobe: She is Life. Cover by Caanan White and Blond on colors. For all the collectors, here is how we have broken it down:

Erathune Issue #3 has a virgin cover by Marcus Lindgren and is limited to 250 copies.

Erathune Issue #4 has the Fantastic Four #52 homage to Black Panther’s first appearance and is limited to 150 copies as an Online Exclusive, 50 of which are packaged in a set with Issue #3 and the incentive editions of the first two issues.

There is also a Con Exclusive variant that replaces Essessa with Morka Moa and we will have that at Emerald City in two weeks. For those that can’t make it, we will include these with the 50 #1-4 sets.

We also have the NIOBE: She is Death (The Black Edition) with cover by Jae Lee!

And lastly, see how it all began with THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer #1-7 Set limited to 100 copies. This is the only time they will ever be printed and it includes the first ever issue 1 and 2 and the Kersheg LE making this deal one of our most special.

See you at a convention… ECCC and WonderCon soon etc!


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