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Just a short note to say once again how much we appreciate all of the support on our current Niobe Kickstarter campaign. I also wanted to let you know that Paizo is getting closer to completing the Roleplaying Pathfinder game. So much so, the good folks over there sat down to talk with me about it.



For all of the collectors out there, we have something cool on our Kickstarter. We have two homage comic covers paying tribute to A Tribe Called Quest, one entitled “She Tribe Called Niobe” and it honors Midnight Marauders. It is a limited variant of the original NIOBE: She is Life by Stenberg and Jones. Where the original album cover compiled legends of Hip Hop, the homage cover features some of the most influential indie comic creators and strong women of our generation including Stenberg and her “The Hate U Give” co-star Issa Rae. It also features Viola Davis, Garcelle Beauvais, and Mayim Bialik. A portion of this exclusive comic’s proceeds will go to Rhode Island University’s Outward Bound Program. Keep an eye out for the other cover this week!

We do have other variant opportunities for collectors, including the video game variant sets and the series where Niobe’s story began, THE UNTAMED. Painted by Peter Bergting (Lord of the Rings), we have a few sets of issues 1-7 of volume 1 that include the variant cover by Hyoung (The Last of Us). We also have a few left of the rare virgin covers as well as the Bergting set of the sequel, THE UNTAMED: Killing Floor.

And we can’t forget about the main books on the Kickstarter. The beautiful hardcover of ERATHUNE: A story about a Dwarf burdened with a cursed axe in the icy mountains of Herfang that ties into NIOBE: She is Life. The second issue of NIOBE: She is Death and the first issue of ESSESSA, Niobe’s vampire nemesis who seeks to regain her humanity and will bleed the world dry to be with the man she loves. There are numerous variants for each book including covers by Jae Lee (Dark Tower).


Also, if anyone is going to Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, we will be there. Booth #1118. We’re gonna have a couple cool exclusives there, so make sure you show up.

And everyone is invited to our end of campaign wrap party at Hi De Ho Comics’ new location on November 3rd. Our parties there have been known to be, dare I say… lit. So… 2015. The address is 412 Broadway in Santa Monica and it will run from 7:00 until midnight as we count down to the end of the campaign.

After we take a little time to recover, we will be at CTN Expo and that will be it as far as events for the year. Phew! Keep an eye out for me on IG live. I’m going to be doing that quite a bit more so in the future, so tune in if you want to see my eye bags jiggle.


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