Kickstarter Update and New Stranger Reserve

Hello Strangers!

I sincerely hope everyone is safe out there. We send you all our love.

This is a short note letting you know that we are locking orders on backerkit… and we will soon be sending PDFS of the singles issues of NIOBE: She is Death + THE UNTAMED: Still a Fool (as in today and tomorrow), followed shortly by the NIOBE: She is Death TPB, and then the hardcovers. So you can get to reading more of Niobe’s world of Asunda during this stay-at-home time. I am soooo excited for you to get them!!! Please let me know what you think, we really worked hard on these books 🙂

With regards to the printed books, Niobe: She is Death #3 is in the office and looks great. Some of you may have seen the retail version in stores and are understandably anxious to have your copy. Of course, since your pledges include much more than just issue #3, we can’t ship until everything is ready, and we are awaiting the arrival of Niobe #4, Untamed #1, and all the bonus stuff, but a lot of the printing plants are closed or delayed with the whole corona crisis. Some of our printing is done in South Korea, which was hit hard, some in Canada, which is shutting down a lot and restricting the border as a preventative measure, and the rest here in LA, which is effectively a ghost town. But we will get through this and will ship your books as soon as we can! Thanks for your patience!

In the interim, if there’s anything else you want to pick up or if you just want to support, we are offering 20% off our website with discount code WH2020. CLICK HERE TO HEAD THERE NOW!


We are creating a private collection on our webstore. As we dig into the vaults here are the office, we’re going to be putting up some of the rare finds ranging from Stenberg signature editions to personal reserve copies to just the last few remaining copies of different variants. Please message us at to get private access codes as some will be up for a limited time… and please join our PRIVATE facebook group:


We are thinking of doing a PATREON where we will be having exclusive and original art, stories and more. There may be an ART OF ASUNDA book on the horizon. And I am writing my first prose book with beautiful illustrations. I would be honored for your support when these are ready to rock. Let me know what you think of these ideas!

That’s it. Miss and love you all! If you want to see me, CLICK HERE for an interview that just surfaced from Baltimore ComicCon!

Hanging out with Troy of Previewsworld!

We found a last box of these. Just a heads up 😉

Love Seb

P.S Watch UNCORKED March 27th on Netflix. Written, Directed, and Produced by my HBO writing partner for THE UNTAMED, Prentice Penny! He is also the EP/Writer/Director of INSECURE, so if you like that… and wine, pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

Click for the trailer to UNCORKED

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