There Are Dreams on These Pages

Hello Strangers,

What a time we are living in. I felt it was important to reach out to the community that has been our family since we first got going over a decade ago. It seems that this is the time for reflecting on what is most important to us, this forced time, where our inner angels and demons wage war within (all very Niobe/Strangeresque).

While scrambling, like all small businesses, into new projects and ways to distribute (yes digital versions we are finally on Comixology HERE) it has really hit me how much love and joy and pain the lads and ladies have put into what has been created at Stranger Comics, with the most sincere care. From the kid’s books to the comics. The fights, the frustrations, the friendships, the low points, the many-a-truck-breakdowns, and the triumphs…

There are dreams on these pages.

It Begins… Seb, Darrell, and Joshua at Comic Con 2008

For sure, from the core folks you have may have seen at a convention or on an Instagram story, but also to all of the people that have come and gone (and come back again), leaving their imprint on our company – and on us personally. The creators and cosplayers, the booth workers who rock… the folks who go hard for us, the chaps who have quietly supported us when no one would… I’ve been thinking about everyone and the journey we have been on a lot in the wee hours of the morning, usually with some Otis Redding or Nick Drake playing, or Coltrane, be it John or Alice.

I love you.

Our first cosplayer, Terrance, before he became a partner.

I am proud. I am humbled. This pandemic has really rocked us, like it has so many, and I think it has aged us too. But with gray hairs comes wisdom, at least I hope it does! And so before I ramble on, I wanted to say to everyone who has purchased a book, given a convention hug, or said a kind word online about our work, about what we are trying to achieve, I mean this sincerely – it has meant the world and provided a strength that keeps us pushing and striving to shine the light for what truly matters to us – stories, sights, and songs with meaning – representing to the fullest.

We will continue to do this, as a family.

Love, Seb


Meeting Cooper and Maddie at Emerald City, before Cooper became our Sales Manager.


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