Artwork by: Brianna Pippens (@bpeppersart)

(Graph courtesy of Amandla Stenberg’s Instagram)

A Tale of Two Children

For centuries, the world has abused their first child and coddled the second. Now with children of their own, many of the second still suckle the diseased milk of hate, swaddled in a self-righteous love for just their own. While some have broken away, many others remain sheltered in the comfort of blissful entitlement. The latter so blind, willingly racist or ignorantly so, they must open their eyes to the reflection of the rotten monster within. So deaf, they have become confused and jealous, scared their worldly parent is finally giving attention to the first born, who holds a strength of spirit that heroes are made of.


Artwork by: Brianna Pippens (@bpeppersart)

Dear Stranger Comics Family,

Black heroes and lives have and will always matter at Stranger Comics.

For the “what about me” crowd, please listen, with stillness and patience, not to the sound of your own voice, but to the anger and anguish of generational trauma and rage. Look past your pride… and listen… from black elders, the middle-aged, and the young. Have the courage of humility and help us build bridges for our black brothers and sisters. If you are not open to learning that what you felt you knew was wrong, you have already chosen the side of the oppressor. The oppressor is the racist bully, where spirits of demons dwell.

A passage from one of our books asks the question we must ask our loved ones and ourselves.

“With a world divided, who do you turn to? If this is the end, who will you be?”

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To our black sisters and brothers. We see you. We hear you. We love you.



Sebastain A. Jones (President of Stranger Comics)



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