STRANGER COMICS is a multi-platform publishing company based in Los Angeles. It aims to become the premier brand for quality in the digital age. Founded by Sebastian A. Jones (MVP Records), Stranger has several strategic alliances that ideally position the company for the coming media revolution. These include producer Lloyd Levin (Watchmen, Hellboy 1 & 2, Tomb Raider 1 & 2), visual effects guru and Filmworks/fx owner Ken Locsmandi (The Matrix, Donnie Darko, Apocalypto, Fight Club), director and producer Andrew Cosby (Co-Creator of Eureka, Co-Founder of Boom! Studios), producer Andrew Sugerman (Conviction, Shop Girl), and practical effects giant New Deal Studios (The Dark Knight, Inception, Watchmen).

In addition, some of Stranger’s core team include genius artist Peter Bergting (Dungeons & Dragons, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows), creative force Darrell May (Ruining Christmas), design wizard Christopher Garner (Dusu), media maven Tabitha Grace Smith (Between The Lines Studios, Jack the Kitten is Very Brave, Tales of the Children), comic historian and marketeer Eddie DeAngelini, web specialist Hannibal Tabu (CBR – The Buy Pile), and severe editor Joshua Cozine (Top Cow – The Darkness, Witchblade).