Niobe’s World of Asunda

Hi Stranger family!

Below are some of the locations in Niobe’s journey throughout our world and books!

TOWN OF OASIS – A waypoint between Ujoa and Zalador. Oasis is a holy place that has become a haven for thieves and killers. In THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer, a Stranger has returned (from hell). He has 7 days to collect 7 souls, vengeance for those who murdered him and his family. Conflict arises in the form of redemption, when he meets a young half elven girl named Niobe.

ASARRA BAY – A port city in Zalador ruled by two competing thieves’ guilds. Niobe and Stranger travel there in THE UNTAMED: Killing Floor. Once there, Niobe makes strides in her education as a warrior and Stranger discovers he has more family than he ever knew.

UGOMA – Literally translated as “jungle,” Ugoma is the sacred home of the Tribe of the Gathering Wind, the Galemren wild elf tribe of Niobe’s mother. Niobe and Stranger first travel there when they leave Asarra Bay in new title THE UNTAMED: Still a Fool, and will race against an old foe to save the Ancient being Dura Ujella. Ugoma is also the setting for DUSU: Path of the Ancient, a tale about a human adopted by the tribe, unknowing he has the spirit of an ancient beast within. Ugoma is also the backdrop of Niobe’s solo title, NIOBE: She is Life, a beauty and the beast love story about Niobe, who is returning to her ancestors to find her faith, but becomes embroiled in a murder-mystery that leads to war.

ZALADOR – Niobe travels through this area in search of the man who put a bounty on her head. In the process, she fights to save the girls who have become collateral damage. In NIOBE: She is Death, Niobe becomes a hunter herself, hunting down sex traffickers and slave traders.

UNGERLAND – This is the homeland of a human king who is rumored to have sired Niobe using force with a stolen Galemren queen. It was said the devil was in him. A thousand years ago, Essessa’s journey began here in our title ESSESSA: The Fallen.

HERFANG – The icy mountains are the home of Buxton Stonebeard, who fights alongside Niobe in the title ERATHUNE. He was banished long ago, but he finally returns with Niobe and his unlikely ally, the Morkai Silver Elf assassin, Skarlok, to rid himself of a cursed axe, only to find that Niobe’s destiny has followed them to his homeland.

The geography and history of Asunda is vast and rich, and there are many more locations that have been developed over Asunda’s 30 year history that will be explored in future releases. Keep a look out for Tales of Asunda and Morka Moa!

And if you’re curious as to how Niobe connects to all of the other characters you’ve read about check out the relationship tree below. More connections will be built as the story progresses, so go grab the new books on our LIVE Kickstarter campaign so you can stay on top of everything. Go HERE to pledge now!