Buxton Stonebeard

First Appearance: The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer #2

Main titles: Erathune

“He Who Is Hard To Kill”

Height 147cmWeight 17st
Height 147cm Weight 17st

Macgrom (Dwarf), Harun (Mountain Dwarf)

Real Name
Buxton Stonebeard.

Known Aliases
Winter’s Wrath, Soul Reaver.

Place of Birth

The Church of Erathune. Town of Sharbagonhem in the ice mountains of Herfang


Mithiriel, Madraq (by compulsion of his axe).

Known Allies
Niobe Ayutami, Skarlok Two Hearts.

Known Affiliations
The Stonebeard Clan, The Fang of Kruss, The Great Arena of Ilkor.

Known Relatives
King Heregor Stonebeard (deceased) was father to Buxton; Khorba Stonebeard (deceased) was the oldest brother; Glairdom Stonebeard (deceased) was the youngest brother. Morgun “The Stout” Longbeard is his cousin. Nagle “The Elder” is Buxton’s uncle.

Known Enemies
King Dezrenir, Lord Alkazzarr, Arog The Demi God, Moog Thrak Gorbakk, Morka Moa, Line of the Prethlokes, The Warden of Bandalak, The City of Asarra Bay, The Lady of the Cloth, Vastar, The Order of Tomorrow’s Dawn, Tibalion Erendur, Gelem, King Andrek II, VI, VII, King Goran Longbeard, Omdurasha Shalanie Uklatta, The Realm of Frivanna, The Realm of Morrok, The Empire of Ujoa, The Kingdom of Isintarre, The Kingdom of Turanghem.

Distinguishing Features
Buxton’s hair and great beard are as white as the snow, and his eyes are legend for it is said they hold the color of Winter’s Wrath. They glow blizzard blue when he enters the ferocious rage of a baresark.

Items of Note
A pair of silver dice rumored to enhance his own natural gambling talents, though none will dare suggest it.

Items of Power
“Madraq Idelka J’Om” (“Soul Sunder”) or “Axe of Dread”. The infamous artifact of Legend has appeared twice in history. The axe was crafted by The Mountain Goddess Mithiriel as a gift for her mother, Madraq, Goddess of Death, and Queen of The Dark Beyond The Gate. Madraq has bestowed the terrible axe upon Buxton, who is cursed to roam the world collecting the souls of those she deems unworthy to live. The haft and twin blades are wrought of Ardan and edged with the purest Aog. When it cleaves, souls are loosed from their mortal bindings and sent straight to The Black Road where Madraq waits to pass judgment. Her natural aura seeps through the axe, causing spine crippling fear whenever it is drawn. Glittering runes erupt along the shaft when a soul is devoured. Lastly, it speaks the tongues of the Damned and can be summoned from any distance, even The Nadheim. Soul Sunder is the artifact The Untamed most desires and one of the most feared items ever created. As much as Buxton longs to be rid of it, he is bound until The Death Goddess is satisfied.

Known Abilities and Disabilities
Buxton has been blessed and cursed by the war god Urzog. He is Baresark. When the war spirit consumes his own, a fury is unleashed that cannot be quelled until all who stand in his way are slaughtered – be they friend or foe. Only his closest friends know how to avoid the tempest. In combat, he is unstoppable, becoming immune to pain and unnaturally resistant to blades, missiles, hammers and even magic. When he is baresark, he possesses the strength of the ocean and the resilience of the earth.
These “gifts” have been even further enhanced and twisted by Soulsunder, his Axe of Dread.

Known History
When the child was born, I was there. Black skies devoured the Ice Mountains and we all shuddered in wait. A soft breeze was all I heard inside the dark cave; and then one shrill scream of agony and relief. The Queen was near ruined when he emerged, full of blood, full of rage, shouting at the world he would wreak havoc upon. I knew he had been marked by Death, and someday She would claim him as her champion. Her Horseman and Deliverer. But that was not all, for his wrath was a curse by Urzog, and in this babe, He poured His strength, courage, and will. The fated child. A pawn of the Gods.

As a young prince, Buxton kept to himself. None would speak to him, and he would utter few words, even to his Mother and Father. I believe, as with all born with the fury, fear is what governed his heart. Fear of loneliness, of betrayal, of cowardice, of one’s own fear, and the disappointment in a father’s baleful glare.

I knew of his love for Olriiun, a young maiden, for I would watch him stare at her with a yearning that would endure long after her death. On a winter’s eve in the courtyard of The Great Hall, Prince Khorba, his eldest brother and heir to the throne of Sharbagonhem, raped Olriiun in an effort to devastate Buxton. Khorba was a spiteful man and jealous of his brother’s power. A thunderous roar bellowed from the pit of Buxton’s soul. Many ran in terror, as he tore apart all who stood by Khorba. Entrails and guts were splashed atop the slush trodden steps of The Great Hall. In total, he had butchered twenty-two of his kin and was now, with Khorba cleaved in two, rightful heir to the crown. But the town had borne witness to the massacre.

King Heregor could not ignore the carnage. Under the advice of his youngest and most manipulative son, Glairdom, King Heregor banished Buxton from Sharbagonhem, never to return or face pain of death.

At the age of fifteen, Buxton Stonebeard took the long walk from his family and his home. He did not look back.

Upon his first night, alone and freezing to death nestled deep in a snowdrift, he welcomed Her icy embrace. Madraq, The Lady of Death did come, but carried unto him a gift. It was Her axe of legend, Soul Sunder, and with it a promise of riches, power, vengeance, and salvation. All of these he spurned as he asked of Her a single boon – that Olriiun would forget his face. 
Buxton took hold of the axe and his fate was sealed; he became enslaved to the weapon and to Madraq’s bidding. With it, he journeyed across the world, culling souls who have stayed beyond their time.

And so, when Buxton appears carrying the Axe of Dread, all shake in fear, for perhaps he has come to end all days.

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