Fichiki Siri

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“Fichiki Siri”

Height 179cmWeight 11st
Height 179cm Weight 11st

Wandering magician, assassin
Isinniel (Elf), Morkai (Silver Elf)

Real Name

Known Aliases

Known Relatives 
Unknown. (slain by his own hand).


Place of Birth

Known Allies
None, he has worked hard to achieve his anonymity.

Known Enemies

Known Affiliations

Distinguishing Features
His skin is almost completely dark. He has three stripes of silver across his chest from left shoulder to lower right abdomen. He has a single streak of silver through his dark mop of matted hair. He also has a small sliver of silver around his right ankle, curving down to the heel of his foot.

Items of Note
Fichiki Siri is rarely seen, but when he is, it is in a long, black, hooded robe with huge, open sleeves. He also carries a long, straight wooden staff with blades concealed at both ends within removable tips. Within the folds of his robe, he keeps vials of potions, bags of powder, collections of glitters (valuable coins) and other useful items, all sorted out and padded to create no noise. He wears worn, black leather boots and is often clothed in a dusty, black wool jerkin and long breeks.

Items of Power
Siri carries a knife with a cruel curved blade. The metal extends from tip to pommel. A silvery leather wrap has been magicked upon the handle. This blade is enchanted and serves a purpose known only to Siri. He has slain every one of the people on his “list” with this knife.

He worships Magga, the Dark Lady of the Moon.

Known Abilities and Disabilities
Fichiki Siri is incredibly well versed in the craft of shadow mastery, including the rare skill of shadow stepping.

With sufficient time to prepare, he can make teleportational leaps, from a small shadow as the tip of his toe to his entire body and that of another. The more mass he expends, the greater an amount of preparation he’ll need, but on an average day he can do at least three shadow steps of small proportion (a fist or a foot) to be used in combat, straining himself to be able to do as many as six.

Siri is also an accomplish bladesman and skilled at using a longstaff in martial combat. He’s remarkably agile and well known for his quickness.

Known History
The Morkai known a Fichiki Siri is an intentional mystery. Being almost completely pitch in complexion, it is said he was clearly born more a creature of night than Morkai. But with innate connection to Magga, he is one of the most skilled in the innate Morkai ability of “shadow mastery.”

According to what little information is available, Siri is hell bent on sealing an unholy contract with Magga, the Dark Lady of the Moon, that will bestow demi-god power upon him should he destroy every aspect of a certain memory from the world. If he can prove with blood that no one alive can remember, even second hand, any detail of his life before a complex ritual dubbed him “Fichiki Siri,” a creature more myth than mortal, his deal will be consummated.

There is no proof connecting him to the trail of corpses, the shattered lives and burned villages that litter Asunda’s scarred surface. In fact, if anyone even suspected who he used to be, they would by necessity be added to his list.

But one need not know who he is to fear him. His quick smile at horrors that would turn the largest ogre’s stomach tells anyone unfortunate enough to make his acquaintance that he will let nothing stand between him and his goal.

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