“The Prince of Smoke and Ash”

Height 188cmWeight 14st
Height 188cm Weight 14st

Poet, Minstrel
Vorkas Vampire. Once a Human noble of the Errekath.

Real Name
Unknown, but research believes him to be a part of the lost D’Sharr Empire.

Known Aliases
Cudgle D’Sharr

Place of Birth


Known Enemies

Known Allies
The Lady of Lace

Known Relatives

Known Affiliations
The Chaos of Tomorrow’s Dawn, it is rumored.

The Untamed.

Distinguishing Features
A man of uncompromising beauty, that even in his every death, there appears some art in it.

Items of Note
None known.

Known Abilities and Disabilities
Often believed a sorcerer, the music of Melodian’s voice has been said to rival the darkest arts or the greatest faith and even, to pierce the flesh. Thought to suffer from different personalities, or feared to be possessed by powerful spirits, the alias of Cudgle D’Sharr, is a weakling bard that believes the Melodian is after him, a belief so strong that he does not carry the trace of the vampire he is.

Known History
Legends say the Melodian became so vain he accidentally gazed in a mirror while singing and eternally fell in love with himself and is trapped within the mirror he sang to. Others say the turmoil of never fulfilling his birthright, or being accepted, drove him insane after his final slaughter. The guilt driving him to forsake all he had done and find redemption. This probably would have been the accepted thought; however, there have been very recent sightings that may indicate otherwise. A man that goes by the name ‘Cudgle D’Sharr’ was found wanted and recently captured near High Gate. The points of interest are the Errakathian family name D’Sharr, that is now extinct for the past 650 years and the warning about a divine vocal ability. What makes the description puzzling is that it was accounted that Cudgle had very limited skill and was by all accounts, even by magical means, completely human – if not bumbling. Cudgle has apparently escaped from his captors as the warrant for his capture has been spread again, so perhaps this Cudgle is more than he appears or demonstrates. Is it possible the Melodian has finally found redemption and been given new ‘life’?

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