Ruby Hartsuuk


Height 165cmWeight 8st
Height 165cm Weight 8st


Real Name
Kurukienne Hartsuuk

Known Aliases

Known Enemies
Ginaglou Ravien and Nzmbii Ravien.


Place of Birth
The town of Ouwile in Frivanna Curth.

Known Relatives
Aldrik Hartsuuk (missing, presumed deceased), father (Frivannian). Renettienne Hartsuuk (deceased), mother (Thaesian)

Known Allies
Jaharad Trejienne, The Hunters of the Red Wood.

Known Affiliations

Distinguishing Features
Flaming red hair and dark green eyes. A tattoo of a rose with thorns on her left shoulder, painted with the skill of an unknown Galemren tribe, probably the Watching Birds.

All and none. Devoted to not one deity but believing in all. In truth, she gives thanks even to gods that exist only in her dreams.

Items of Power
She carries a pendant in her travel bag that emanates essence but its powers are unknown, perhaps even to her.

Items of Note
She has several bows and a multitude of arrows. She carries small bottles of poisons for larger game and a variety of knives for hunting and tanning.

Known Abilities and Disabilities
She can run for hours and is an experienced hunter, especially with a bow. Her tanning skills are celebrated throughout the crimson woodlands surrounding Ouwile, known by the humans as Red Wood.

She is self-reliant to a fault, pushing away those who desire her company. This often leaves her open and vulnerable.

Known History
By all accounts, her mother, Renettienne, died shortly after Ruby’s birth. It is said that great sadness visited their home, a sadness so great that even the Lord of the Red Forest mourned her passing. Without announcement, Aldrik, who had always loved hunting, sold the family home in the center of Ouwile and retreated into the woods. From that moment, the pair were scarcely seen by friends or family unless Aldrik came to town for trade.

This solitary childhood has left Ruby with many strange notions, especially concerning history and comportment. Even now, many see her as addled. Once, I witnessed her argue with a man over the weather. She asserted that it always rained at the first new moon. When the man scoffed, Ruby held a knife to his throat until he bled. When the two were separated, she was asked to leave the town. As if nothing had happened, she calmly disappeared into the woods.

In the winter of her fifteenth year, Ruby woke to find her father was missing. In the years to follow, she has combed the southeast forests of Frivanna Curth in search of him. The few that knew Aldrik believe him to be dead, but Ruby has not lost hope. With a flash of a few coins, she buys rumors and conspiracies, but these ten winters since have borne no tangible results.

Though largely keeping to herself, Ruby has allied herself with the Hunters of the Red Forest. Ruby is a favorite on their hunting trips for she delights the men at night with strange tales of dragons and the beginnings of time. By all accounts, she is enrapturing to watch by firelight, but none is so fascinated as Jaharad, the young hunter. His interest in her has yet to reveal its true motivation, but the other hunters have certainly taken note.

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