First Appearance: The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer #1

Main titles: The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer


Height 180cmWeight 10st
Height 180cm Weight 10st

Con Man and Thief
Human. Probably Unglish and Zaladorian mix.

Real Name

Known Aliases

Place of Birth
The Town of Oasis.



Known Allies
The Stranger, Phylax, Lariel, Kersheg, Faric, Laughing Jack.

Known Affiliations
The Kraven.

Known Relatives

Known Enemies
The Stranger.

Distinguishing Features

Items of Power

Items of Note
He leans on a tall and thin wooden cane. Hidden within the yew shaft is a high steel rapier, with which he is quite proficient. The pommel is made of lower steel, but is removable. A single berry can be held within. If the pommel is pressed, the berry juice runs along channels within the blade. Perfect for poison.

Known Abilities and Disabilities
Pronounced stutter, hence the name.
Slight limp in left leg. As a young boy he received a beating at the hands of Phylax and never recovered.

Known History
A tragic figure I have found the boy to be. He was raised in the gutter of Oasis, after his whore mother died in childbirth. Sweeping brothel floors and counting pennies for the harlots earned him food and a corner of a cold room. It was in the filthy hovel where men rut like mangy dogs did he meet the man that would come to save him or perhaps claim him. The Stranger, although then he was known by a different name, had also been raised among women who rut for coin. He found the boy to have an uncanny knack for spotting danger, and among other talents, was a brilliant trickster and pickpocket. The Stranger raised him as a would-be son much to the anger of Phylax, The Stranger’s older brother, who saw Stutters as weak and self serving. It was when The Stranger and Phylax formed the guild of killers known as The Kraven, did Stutters excel, utilizing all of his gifts of perception and guile. When The Stranger was betrayed and executed by Phylax and The Kraven, Stutters never fully recovered.

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