Waso Powirre

First Appearance: Dusu: Path of the Ancient #1

Main titles: Dusu: Path of the Ancient #1, Waso: Will to Power, Waso: Gathering Wind

“Hurricane of Spear and Stone”

Height 193cmWeight 15st
Height 193cm Weight 15st

Galemren (Wild Elf)

Real Name
Waso Powirre.

Known Aliases
Hurricane of Spear and Stone, The Unforgiving, Forsaken of Sky and Song, Uja ja Shemluus, (Man of Rapid Ways).


Place of Birth
The Ugoma

Powisienne (Troubled, tested, and to be forsaken)

Known Allies
Dura Ujella (Deceased)
Uun-Sil Sha

Known Affiliations
Quiel Yem Vorkanu (Tribe of the Gathering Wind)

Known Relatives
Omdar Shem Powlorre Powirre (Father deceased), Omdura Nadami Ayutami (Mother whereabouts unkown), and Dusu Valoy (Adopted Brother).

Known Enemies
King Andrek VII
Mostly everyone not Galemren

Distinguishing Features
Waso stands tall and strong, a true warrior born. On blue black skin, the right side of his body is tattooed in a pattern that represents his first kill. Under a moonlit night, the young would-be chief drove his axe into the skull of a ferocious youngling Omdruka (Giant Raven). His long hair is locked and matted, and falls down the middle of his back. His hair is dyed red. The sides of his head are kept shorn to scalp. It is said to hold his gaze is to know death.

Items of Note
Waso favors the bone axe and a long obsidian knife.

Items of Power

Known Abilities and Disabilities
Waso is a brilliant hunter and tactician. Even among the Galemren, his martial skill and strength are considered exceptional.

Known History
A motherless son’s rage will never be quelled until vengeance has been exacted on the world and me. Maybe I will let him end me before he breaks that which has been sown.

Some say Waso is the son of the wisest chief that the Galemren have known. Perhaps, for Omdar Shem Powirre came to care for the discarded Ancunarim, Dusu Valoy. Or perhaps not, for it is he who let King Andrek VII enter his sacred Ugoma jungle with a hundred men and one wizard of council. Even against a young son’s warning.

And the Untamed Devil was with us that night.

I was there when lust for the mother overcame Him, and I could understand why. Yet it was not the way her hips swayed to the thundering of a thousand beasts that drove Him. The impeccable and savage dance was so pure that even I, who has witnessed the birth of nations, withheld desire. Neither was it in her greeting, a smile so welcoming that all felt at home in her presence. Even The Untamed himself was found wanting. In fact, it was her skin that first caught His eye. Blue black and touched by the gods, it was deeper than the night sky and yet more radiant than the stars which shone in her eyes. The Heavens were personified in her, and even her Chieftain and husband could not command the people as did Nadami Ayutami. If she could stand before nations, surely they would fall. This blessing drove His jealousy.

He had to have her, own her, and wield her. Through his pale puppet king, He would try.

The Galemren welcomed King Andrek VII into the sacred grove, an honor not shown to the snow faces of Isintarre for a thousand years, least of all anyone of Andrek’s cursed lineage. His ancestors had much to atone for, and Andrek had convinced Powlorre of his sincerity. And perhaps the king true before he saw her, before He drove Andrek to betray this gift, spurning it in the name of lust and war.

On the final night of our stay, “my king” asked me to steal the queen. My price has always been most high, and yet it was paid.

We did not see the rage in the eyes of the son, a young warrior who would forge a destiny of war and devastation that may yet break the spine of the world.

… And when the brother finds he is not the sole survivor of his ancestors, The Untamed will reap his day of ruin.

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