Afua Richardson as Candie Canes, Warren Ellis Tweets!

afuaAfua Richardson stars as Candy Canes & The Dr. Foo Mouth Orchestra! Suck on a stick, sit back, and get your wig blown back!

Starring Afua Richardson as Candie Canes & The Dr. Foo Mouth Orchestra Music provided by South Pole Records

On a snow drenched night in the Blitzen district, you might hear the chinking of ice upon glass coming from The Grinch’s Tavern. Upon a black oaken stage, the sultry Ms. Candie Canes delivers her version of Winter Wonderland, recalling Tom Waits, Lady Day and too much bourbon. It is raspy. It is sexy. Let’s hope the elves, who sit upon red velvet couches, sucking on her namesake, appreciate all of her talents. For they are many.

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Warren Ellis even shared the link via his twitter page today: