HOW TO: Kickstarter Add On Tutorial

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the Niobe Kickstarter. It’s because of all of you that we are well on our way to a successful campaign. If you haven’t seen it, you can find it HERE.

Many backers have contacted us asking how they can add on additional items because no pledge level has the combination of all the items that they want. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve decided to put together a little tutorial on how to do that.

There is an ADD ON menu on the Kickstarter page under the CAMPAIGN tab. If you scroll down past the PREVIEWS and REWARDS, you’ll see it. Anything from that menu (which I’ll also copy at the bottom of this page) can be added to an existing pledge simply by increasing the amount of your pledge by the cost of what you want to add on. After the campaign, you will be asked to fill out a survey so we have your correct address and all of that. Let’s say you picked the $250 pledge level to get a piece of original art and then picked $100 worth of add ons. When you fill out the survey, the website will give you a prompt. It’ll say that you have an extra $100 to allocate, and it will ask you what you wanted to spend it on. It will present you with the add on menu, and you simply select the items you were adding on to total $100.

But how do you actually add on the extra money?

So here’s your pledge that you’ve already done. You should see this at the top of your screen. Click “Manage your pledge”.

It’ll take you to the level you pledged showing your rewards and pledge amount. Click “Change your pledge.”

You’ll now see a screen with all the pledge levels and you can select a different reward level from this page if you want. Since we’re doing an add on though, I’ve isolated the pledge level you want in the screen cap below.

Keeping the reward you want selected, simply type into the “PLEDGE AMOUNT” window the total pledge with your add ons. So your reward is $260 with shipping and let’s say you want to add on the Bronze Choker ($50), the Untamed Hardcover so you can see where it all began ($30), and the Kickstarter Exclusive Jae Lee Lithograph ($20), you simply add $100 to the pledge amount, like the screen cap below, and then hit continue.

And you’re set. Again, after the campaign, Kickstarter will tell you that you have an extra $100 to “spend” on the ADD ON menu, and you can select everything you want at that time. If you made a mistake and the add ons that you wanted are more than what you pledged, you can still select them from the menu and Kickstarter will charge you the difference. One way or another, we’ll get you everything that you want!

As promised here is the ADD ON menu which you can also see on the campaign page. It includes several new options added in today at the request of some of our backers.

$10 – She is Death #1 Kickstarter Edition. Get an extra or add to any other physical reward tier (including the $20 Early Bird). See above in REWARDS. 

$10 – Tales of Asunda #0 – Skarlok. Get the first appearance of Skarlok, never released in stores. This book features a cover by artist Tomo with Skarlok modeled after Sebastian.

$15 – She is Death #1 Jae Lee “Bloody Fists” Variant. Add to any reward tier that includes the She is Death #1 Kickstarter Edition (limit 1 per person). See above in REWARDS.

$15 – Stranger Lithographs. Add on one of our non-exclusive lithos. These are available through our store and at conventions, but they’re discounted from $20 plus shipping (on webstore) to only $15 with shipping included.

She is Life #1 1st Print ~ She is Life #1 2nd Print ~ Untamed #2 ~ She is Death #1
She is Life #1 1st Print ~ She is Life #1 2nd Print ~ Untamed #2 ~ She is Death #1

Above: Ashley Woods, Ashley Woods, Jae Lee, Sheldon Mitchell

Hyoung "Hands" ~ Hyoung "Rocks" ~ Milton Paint ~ Milton Sketch
Hyoung “Hands” ~ Hyoung “Rocks” ~ Milton Paint ~ Milton Sketch

Above: Hyoung Taek Nam, Hyoung Taek Nam, Rahiem Milton, Rahiem Milton

Contest 1 ~ Contest 2 ~ Contest 3 ~ Contest 4
Contest 1 ~ Contest 2 ~ Contest 3 ~ Contest 4

Above: Michael Person, Duchess, Mervin Kuanda, Joyceline Furniss

$20 – Tales of Asunda #0 Limited Edition – Skarlok. Get the first appearance of Skarlok, never released in stores. This edition had a lower print run and features a cover by Hyoung Taek Nam (LAST OF US, UNCHARTED 4)

$20 – Niobe Pathfinder book. Want to play in Niobe’s world? Pathfinder is making a 36 page supplement book for Niobe, allowing fans their first opportunity to game in Asunda.

$20 – Either Kickstarter Exclusive Litho. See above in REWARDS. 

$20 – “Remark” head sketch on your book. A small “bust” style sketch.

$25 – Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover of Dusu: Path of the Ancient. This is the story of Niobe’s mother’s tribe and will be 176 pages, oversized, and will have all the same upgrades that the Niobe hardcover has.

$30 – The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer hardcover graphic novel

$50 – Solid Bronze Arnuminel Earrings. Shipping included. See above in REWARDS.

$55 – Full sketch on your book. A more detailed sketch. Per the $120 “Sketchy” pledge level above in REWARDS, but added to any level you want.

$60 – The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer KICKSTARTER EDITION graphic novel. Get one of the last few copies leftover from our previous Kickstarter. They will be on a first come, first served basis. Please message us if you do this add on to ensure your spot and so we can mark this as “sold out“ if necessary.

$65 – Solid Sterling Silver Arnuminel Earrings. Shipping included. See above in REWARDS.

$70 – Solid Bronze Arnuminel Necklace with sterling silver bail. Shipping included. See above in REWARDS.

$70 – CGC 9.8 edition. Have your Kickstarter Edition or “Bloody Fists” Variant graded (unsigned copies only). Guaranteed to be 9.8.

$75 – Skype the Stranger. Have a 15 minute personal Skype session with Sebastian and the Stranger crew (or just Sebastian). Get inside info about the project or even pitch your own. The time is yours. Also available as a pledge level in REWARDS but can be added to any level.

$80 – Niobe backpack. Your choice of the Niobe backpacks (shipping included). See above in REWARDS.

$100 – Solid Sterling Silver Arnuminel Necklace with sterling silver bail. Shipping included. See above in REWARDS.

$100 – CGC 9.8 Signature Series edition. Have your Kickstarter Edition, “Bloody Fists” Variant, or “Heads on Spikes” Variant graded and signed with authenticated signatures. Guaranteed to be 9.8. Additional add-ons may be available upon request.

$500 – Dinner with Strangers. Per requests by some backers, we are adding this as an add on. Pick up your rewards personally when you take a tour of the Stranger digs and have dinner with Sebastian and the Stranger crew including artist Darrell May, editor Joshua Cozine, and She is Death artist Sheldon Mitchell if he is in town. Transportation to Los Angeles not provided.