Would you sell your soul for the one you love?

SEPTEMBER 20th, Stranger Comics launched a kickstarter opportunity to get limited and exclusive copies of new comic NIOBE: She is Death issues 1 and 2 by Stranger Comics CEO Sebastian A. Jones (The Untamed, Dusu) and Amandla Stenberg (The Hate You Give, Hunger Games) as well as a hardcover collection of Erathune and the first issue of new title Essessa, all before they are available in store. The goal was smashed in the first few hours, but the campaign is now moving through one Stretch Goal after another, getting more and more for Stranger’s backers. Plus new rewards will be made available as the campaign continues!

She is Death follows the critically acclaimed first series, NIOBE: She is Life, which shattered barriers and made U.S history becoming the first nationally distributed comic with a black female author (Amandla), artist (Ashley A. Woods), and hero (Niobe) in the history of comics. To mark the momentous occasion, Oscar winner Viola Davis graced the hardcover with a glowing foreword.

After seeing Niobe’s faith tested in the first volume, Stenberg’s follow up title reflects the volatile times we live in today with the visceral sequel: NIOBE: She is Death.

The tale is about Niobe Ayutamu, a young half-elf warrior woman struggling with her faith, in the gods, in humanity and in the world. After witnessing too much wickedness, we see a hero’s journey from a young warrior into a roaming vigilante, a bounty hunter who tracks down slave traders and sex traffickers, rescuing the victims for the families who seek her help, because they are collateral damage in a fight where she is the target. This is the second volume in a series where Niobe is destined to become the savior of an entire fantasy franchise.

The kickstarter offers everything in Niobe’s world of Asunda including a Pathfinder Roleplaying game and her first appearance, THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer, painted by Peter Bergting (Lord of the Rings) with covers by Jae Lee (The Dark Tower) and Hyoung Taek Nam (The Last of Us).

Other tales to collect that feature Niobe include the hardcover collection of ERATHUNE, a story about Niobe’s friend, a Dwarf burdened with a cursed axe in the icy mountains of Herfang where he was banished on pain of death for killing his brother. Two souls remain before he can be free of the curse. One is his other brother, the king, and the last is the orc who has hunted Niobe since birth. Penned by Jones and Darrell May, who also provided layouts for artist Sheldon Mitchell (Vampire Hunter D) who is now bringing She is Death to life as well.

And finally a new series, ESSESSA, focuses on Niobe’s nemesis, a Vampire seeking to regain her humanity who will bleed the world dry to be with the man she loves. As Essessa’s past is uncovered, however, Niobe will discover the two are connected in a way she never thought possible. Co-authored by Jones and Stranger EIC Joshua Cozine, the book features May providing layouts for rising star Caanan White on pencils and inks and industry veteran Blond finishing with colors.

See the campaign HERE.