Niobe Returns in the Erathune Kickstarter

Stranger’s next Kickstarter is set for September 20th, and it’s a big one. Niobe is back in a team book called Erathune in which she accompanies her friend Buxton Stonebeard to his dwarven home where he was banished on pain of death for killing his brother. Cursed to wield Soulsunder, the axe of Madraq the Death Goddess, he has two souls left to claim and he can be free of the axe for good, but one is his other brother, the king, and the last could come at great personal cost to Niobe herself.

Erathune will be collected in a hardcover edition similar to previous Kickstarter Editions with a double-sided dust jacket and foil inlay. But that is not all that is in store for Niobe fans. The second issue of Niobe: She is Death will be available to backers, as will the first issue of Essessa: The Fallen, where Niobe discovers that her nemesis, the vampire lord, is not all she appears to be.

For more information, check out the Kickstarter page which is currently under construction HERE. Click the “Notify on Launch” button to make sure you can take advantage of the early bird offers that will be available.