Stranger Convention Dates – September & October

Hey ya’ll. We have had a great year of attending comic conventions, making friends and extending the Stranger family. Shout out to all of the cosplayers who bring our vision to life and to all of the peeps who continue to spread the word and support us! As the Autumn is fast approaching and Summertime is saying a Fitzgerald farewell we want to let all you good folks know where we will be at!  Come see us at:

Sep 2 – 3         Long Beach Comic Con (Booth 305)

Sep 8 – 10       Rose City Comic Con in Portland (Booth 826)

Sep 22 – 24     Baltimore Comic Con (Booth TBA)

Oct 5 – 8         New York Comic Con (Booth 2345)

Oct 27 -29       Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con (Booth TBA)

Remember if you do come rocking cosplay for Niobe or Dusu or anything from Stranger’s world of Asunda, we WILL hook you up!