Stranger is Ruining Christmas!

Happy Holidays Guys!

I hope you are safe and healthy! I appreciate your support so much!

We are very excited to share with you a project that has been in development for a while. See photo below for proof! It’s called RUINING CHRISTMAS! It’s an irreverent comedy about the spirit of giving taking it… for far too long. I figured we could all use a giggle right now! Oh yeah. You have to read it with a British accent. My accent specifically 😉

The Chimey Pitch: The entitled rule, and the apathetic are, well… just that! We’ve given up on Santa so he’s given up on us. Christmas is in the toilet. And it’s up to our Elves to fix it!

We have poured as much heart into this, as we have our other projects, you just have to reach into our stocking to find that special gift. We have everything from rare comics to Frosty’s mistletoe masks and a lot more that’ll keep you “protected” this winter. This isn’t for kids. Or Karens.

Please spread some cheer! We launch December 1 on Kickstarter at 8:00 AM PST, BUT to not miss out:


After you’ve checked out the rewards at the link above, follow the link below and hit the NOTIFY ME / REMIND ME button (depending on your browser and device)! The first 48 HOURS have special and unique rewards! And everyone who supports on DAY 1 gets a FREE Niobe comic and a chance to win She is Life #1 1st Print.


Thanks for checking this out! And for all the love and support all over the world. It’s because of you guys we do this.

Much love, Seb

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