Niobe Ayutami

“Dawn Light ”

Height 180cmWeight 9 stone
Height 180cm Weight 9 stone


Real Name
Niobe Ayutami

Sin-Isinniel (Half Elf), Sin-Galemren (Half Wild Elf)

Known Aliases
The Harbinger of Truth, Half Breed, Unwanted, 
Devil’s Bane, Omdurfen (Soul Saint), Arnuminel’s Wrath


Place of Birth

Arnuminel, Powisienne

Known Allies 
The Stranger
Buxton Stonebeard
Skarlok Two Hearts

Known Affiliations

Known Relatives
King Andrek VII of Isintarre 
is the presumed father, Queen 
Nadami of Ugoma is the 
presumed mother. Her 
whereabouts are unknown.

Distinguishing Features
Her hair is long, locked and matted. Her off-colored eyes, one hazel, the other blue, are mesmerizing. They radiate a destiny not yet fulfilled, but they are her bane, for her father, King Andrek VII, bears the same distinction and has ordered that his illegitimate daughter be killed on sight.

Known Enemies
Andrek VII
The Kingdom of Isintarre
Arog The Demi God
Moog Thrak Gorbakk
Morka Moa
Geshthurka The Conquerer
The Doomed Prophet 
Abrol-Arkul Ujahim Gurku
The Lady of the Cloth

Items of Note
A pair of silver dice rumored to enhance his own natural gambling talents, though none will dare suggest it.

Items of Power
Not known.

Known History
There will come a time when the world will change due to a single being.

I was there when his lust for the mother overcame Him, and I could understand why. Yet it was not the way her hips swayed to the dance movement of a thousand beasts that drove Him. The impeccable and savage dance was so pure that even I, who has witnessed the birth of nations, withheld desire. Neither was it in her greeting, a smile so welcoming that all felt at home in her presence. Even The Untamed himself was found wanting. In fact, it was her skin that first caught His eye. Blue black and touched by the gods, it was deeper than the night sky and yet more radiant than the stars which shone in her eyes. The Heavens were personified in her, and even Powlorre, her Chieftain and husband, could not command the people as did Nadami Ayutami. If she could stand before nations, surely they would fall. This blessing drove His 

He had to have her, own her, and wield her. Through his pale puppet king, He would try.

The Galemren welcomed King Andrek VII into the sacred grove, an honor not shown to the snow faces of Isintarre for a thousand years, least of all anyone of Andrek’s cursed lineage. Yet, his ancestors had much to atone for, and Andrek convinced Powlorre of his sincerity. And perhaps the king truly was before he saw her, before He drove Andrek to betray this gift, spurning it in the name of lust and war.

On the final night of our stay, “my king” asked me to steal the queen. My price has always been most high, and yet it was paid.

Niobe was born from sin in a place I shall not say. Although I am glad to note she inherited her mother’s majesty and courage, I have yet to see how much of her father’s evil seed remains. Only time will tell and The Untamed will hunt to have his answer. All who stand between Him and the girl will incur His wrath. Even the horsemen who serve Him. Even wizards. For in time, we may all fall to her spell of truth and hope.

From the skies I shall watch her. From the Ujoan deserts, where Morka Moa roams, to the Town of Oasis, where a Stranger deals in death. To the mountains of Herfang and the Temple of Erathune, where this destined savior shall bind Morkai and Macgrom, most hated of enemies, into the steeliest of friends.

If she can do this, surely she can bind two nations.

And The Untamed will know fear.