WASO: Gathering Wind
Written by Hannibal Tabu
Cover by Marcus Lindgren
Based on the world of Asunda created by Sebastian A. Jones

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“We endure.”
~Waso’s Proverb

Since the events of Dusu: Path of the Ancient and Waso: Will to Power, the Omdar of the Gathering Wind has grown as a man and a chief. Through cunning and a courage often bordering on rage, Waso and his tribe have conquered a Selvanu (Wood Elf) clan, thus gaining new allies but renewing old hatreds. When his beloved Uun-Sil is captured, Waso’s wrath will take him on a path not even the shaman herself could have predicted.

Part 2 in Hannibal Tabu’s “Waso” series.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a prose novella, not a comic book.