Daily Variety reports that Stranger Comics has cemented its relationship with producer Lloyd Levin through his Foundry Comics imprint.

Stranger Comics and film producer Lloyd Levin are far from strangers, but none other than Daily Variety, the publication of the entertainment industry, has picked up the story of some exciting new happenings. Stranger and Levin first became associated when Levin optioned Stranger’s maiden property, The Untamed. Levin was so impressed with the crew at Stranger that the lifelong comic fan and comic to film specialist decided that a more permanent arrangement was in order. Levin has launched Foundry Comics, an imprint of Stranger Comics and a portal into Levin’s film projects.

To find out more, click here to read the full article or pick up a copy of Daily Variety in print Thursday, December 8th.

Ruining Christmas
Sebastian A. Jones
Darrell May
James Cory Webster

Escape Velocity
Andrew Cosby

Quincey Morris
Steven Katz
James Cory Webster

David Leslie Johnson
James Cory Webster


  1. Sebastian A. Jones says:

    Thanks all!

  2. Janeline Hayes says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  3. This is very exciting.

  4. Sebastian is of Stranger Comics, but he’s hardly a stranger to Hollywood as I have seen his distinctive profile on television, so it’s a plus for him to also make the splash in the larger print, and possibly film (digital?) media.

    “Along came Jones…” as the old Coasters song said and he’s certainly come a long ways…

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