Niobe: She is Death #2 Final Order Cutoff is Today!

Niobe: She is Death #2 will be in stores soon, and today is the final day for comic shops to order it. Specifically, it's the final day for them to order the 1 in 10 Jae Lee virgin ratio variant. So hit up your local store today and ask for it. Give them the order code attached to each cover image below. OCT192087 - Niobe 2 Cover A Nam OCT192088 - Niobe 2 Cover B Jae Lee OCT198616 - Niobe 2 1:10 Jae Lee Ratio And if you missed out on issue #1, ask them to pick up the 2nd...

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Holiday Discount!

Hello Strangers! We are now doing a HOLIDAY DISCOUNT! Now through New Year's Eve, use the promo code HOLIDAY15 to get 15% off any online store order on the Stranger Comics Website! Grab any of our titles featuring your favorite characters! Happy Holidays from your friends at Stranger Comics! :)

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NIOBE: She is Death #1 Hits Stores Today!

Hello Strangers! NIOBE: She is Death issue #1 is NOW IN COMIC STORES! For all you collectors, there are 3 new store variants to grab! [caption id="attachment_2995" align="alignnone" width="754"] Cover CJae Lee Virgin[/caption] Support your local retailer. Ask if they have NIOBE: She is Death issue #1! If not, here are the codes for Covers A and B (pictured below): Cover A: Hyoung Taek Nam - SEP191992 Cover B: Jae Lee (Trade Dress) - SEP191993   [caption id="attachment_2993" align="alignnone" width="762"] Cover AHyoung Taek NamSEP191992[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2994" align="alignnone" width="757"] Cover BJae Lee (Trade Dress)SEP191993[/caption] If you want to check out more of our comics, head

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