iFanboy Interviews Peter Bergting


iFanboy writer Paul Montgomery talks to Peter Bergting about The Portent and The Untamed and also asks the Swedish multi-hyphenate about becoming an award winning novelist with The Legend of Morwhayle. Click here to check it out. … [Read more...]

Portent 3 On Graphicly


“The old Gods still walk among men.” Snow falls heavily upon the land caught between heaven and hell. With Alkuin and Dai-Jiu dead, Lin and Milo expect the end to come soon. But in a land of spirits, prophecies can be wrong and death is not necessarily an end. Issue 3 of The Portent by Peter Bergting is available to download on Graphicly. Click here to check it out. … [Read more...]

Untamed Day 4 Finds a Fan


iFanboy guru Paul Montgomery has given The Untamed Day 4 a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. On the writing, Paul calls Sebastian A Jones "a script man with a poet’s heart. A dark, twisted poet’s heart beating beneath the floorboards to be sure, but he uses it to great effect in his world-building." He also praises the work of Peter Bergting. "Peter Bergting delivers some extraordinary painted work as well, from a haunting desert landscape gleaming under a swollen blue moon to some truly cinematic battles under cloak of darkness." "More … [Read more...]

iFanboy Settles in Asunda


Sebastian A. Jones, writer of The Untamed, sat down with iFanboy's Paul Montgomery to discuss The Untamed and the World of Asunda. Click HERE to check out the interview, or read it syndicated on GRAPHICLY. … [Read more...]

iFanboy spotlights Untamed


iFanboy takes a Strange turn. iFanboy has featured The Untamed on their website today with a review befitting our grim tale. Give it a read HERE. … [Read more...]