Civilian Reader Loves The Portent


Stefan Fergus over at Civilian Reader has posted a review of not 1, but 2 issues of The Portent, reviewing issues #2 and #3 together. "I really like this series – it’s quite different from anything else I’m reading at the moment. If you like your fantasy comics with an Eastern flavour, and a dash of Guillermo Del Toro-type weirdness, then I’d definitely recommend this." Click here to read the full reviews. … [Read more...]

iFanboy Interviews Peter Bergting


iFanboy writer Paul Montgomery talks to Peter Bergting about The Portent and The Untamed and also asks the Swedish multi-hyphenate about becoming an award winning novelist with The Legend of Morwhayle. Click here to check it out. … [Read more...]

Portent 3 On Graphicly


“The old Gods still walk among men.” Snow falls heavily upon the land caught between heaven and hell. With Alkuin and Dai-Jiu dead, Lin and Milo expect the end to come soon. But in a land of spirits, prophecies can be wrong and death is not necessarily an end. Issue 3 of The Portent by Peter Bergting is available to download on Graphicly. Click here to check it out. … [Read more...]

The Portent 2 on Graphicly


"THE PORTENT is one of the best fantasy comics I've ever seen. Wonderfully atmospheric, beautiful and strange." - MIKE MIGNOLA (Hellboy) Stranger Comics has released issue 2 of Peter Bergting’s The Portent on Graphicly. Synopsis Secrets are revealed as Milo, Lin and Alkuin confront the mighty Mokkurkalve... and each other. When the heroes arrive at their destination, they find it deserted. Dai-Jiu, the good spirit they seek to protect, is gone. Instead, they meet Mokkurkalve, once the Guardian of Dai-Jiu when the gods were young, … [Read more...]

Civilian Reader reviews Untamed & Portent


Stefan over at The Civilian Reader just posted his newest comic book reviews which includes The Untamed #2, The Untamed #3 and The Portent #1! “I reviewed the first issue of The Untamed a little while ago, and have been looking forward to reading more in the series. I think they went on a short hiatus, but finally the next two issues are available! The first is still available as a free read over on Graphicly, and I would certainly recommend it. This week, I got my hands on the next two issues of the series, as well as the first issue in … [Read more...]

The Untamed is back with a vengeance!

untamed coversmall

THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer DAY 3 of 7 After battling a horde of demons and emerging triumphant, Stranger Comics is proud to unleash the Third Day (issue) of its maiden property upon the masses. Written by Stranger founder Sebastian A. Jones (Pinata) and painted by the Norse God Peter Bergting (Frazetta’s Creatures, The Portent), The Untamed is set in the unwelcoming Town of Oasis. Some say the desert way station is a watering hole for the devil. Others know it to be a cancer that grows upon the vast and volatile world of Asunda. To … [Read more...]

Hello Stranger #7 The Untamed Is Reborn


Hello, Stranger. We made it to 2012, and we're already coming up to the love month and the celebration of black history. This year, Stranger Comics is going to celebrate a glorious mix of both (in between Ruining Christmas snippets and a new fairy tale from our legendary Viking, Peter Bergting). And to that end, I want to kick off this sprightly blog with a gentleman’s nod to Mr. Bergting, who it must be said, is a remarkable talent as a writer, painter, and Swedish meatball master chef. He is also a dear friend who has once again … [Read more...]