The Untamed: Killing Floor #1 (Vol. 2, Issue 1) eBook
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The Untamed: Killing Floor #1 (Vol. 2, Issue 1) eBook

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THE UNTAMED II: Killing Floor #1

Written by Sebastian A. Jones
Art by Peter Bergting
Cover by Jae Lee
Layouts by Darrell May


“You will die in the light.”

Stranger and Niobe, a dead man and a would-be savior, reach the port city of Asarra Bay, a haven for thieves and killers, two of whom may know the whereabouts of Stranger’s family. They just so happen to be the ruthless leaders of rival assassins guilds, and neither has much love lost for Stranger.


“Sebastian and the rest of his team not only took the comic to a new level artistically, but the story weaving is so creatively innovative you’ll read it multiple times over.”

- PRENTICE PENNY (Insecure, Uncorked, Brooklyn 99)