Erathune (Vol. 1, Issues 1-4) eBook Collection
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Erathune (Vol. 1, Issues 1-4) eBook Collection

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Two souls to claim and Buxton can be free of his cursed axe for good, but both reside in the home from which he was banished on pain of death for killing his brother. With Niobe and Skarlok at his side, he will return just as war approaches and ultimately must choose between saving a town that shunned him and becoming free of his burden.


Collects Issues 1-4 of ERATHUNE in a 128 page paperback edition with bonus material included in the back. Hardcover Editions have 96 extra pages of bonus material.

Written by Sebastian A. Jones & Darrell May
Art by Sheldon Mitchell


FOR THE COLLECTORS: Issue #1 features the 1st appearances of Buxton Stonebeard and Gurku. Issue #2 includes the 1st appearance of Moog.

Copies of the 2016 printing of Issue #1 is available here in printed format. Other covers and other issues in the series are available elsewhere in the Stranger store.


This comic book feels very different from anything i’ve read. I am into high fantasy novels by Brandon SandersonTad WilliamsClive Barker and this story feels like it could sit next to these novels! Sebastian A. Jones has proven that a fantasy comic book rich with history, diversity, and a great story can exist. 5/5” - HIP HOP UNDEAD

“I have to give a ton of credit to Stranger Comics for creating such diverse characters, especially featuring women of color.” - GEEK MUNDO

“I hope you love this book as much as I did, and may you get lost in Asunda for many years to come.” - RUSSELL NOHELTY (Pixie Dust, Wannabe Press)