Creating a Wholesale Account

Please note that not every SKU is available for wholesale purchase. If an item you're interested in is not available in the Wholesale Collection, please contact us at and we may be able provide you with a reduced price.

You can access and order from the Wholesale Collection by clicking "Place Order" under the Retailers dropdown menu. It can also be found in the Shop Menu in the header as well as the Links section in the footer of the Stranger Website.

Once in the Wholesale Collection, you will see a Sign In window for access. You must be signed into your account and have Wholesale permissions in order to see the items in the Wholesale Collection. If you already have an account, but it does not have Wholesale permissions, please skip to the next step. Otherwise, please click "Create account" and create a normal customer account.

Once you have a customer account, please contact us with the subject line "Wholesale Access" at with your request for wholesale access. We will review your request and grant the account permission. Once permission is granted, you are ready to order. As long as you are logged into your account, you will be able to see the items in the Wholesale Collection which are already discounted.

Shipping is calculated by weight, however we endeavor to save you as much shipping as possible. Where possible, we will ship media mail and refund you any excess shipping. Mixed orders will often ship in two shipments, a media mail shipment for trades and hardcovers and a Priority or UPS shipment for comics.

Please also note that if you are interested in anything that is not in the wholesale section, simply send us a request. We will let you know what we can do on a case by case basis.