Unfortunately, our production pipeline is full at the moment, and we cannot accept unsolicited scripts, treatments, or ideas from writers. For both your legal protection and ours, any that are sent to us will be deleted without consideration. If, however, you have a completed work or you have teamed with an artist for a creator-owned work and are seeking distribution, please see Publishing Services below.


Please send all submissions to Please note your name and specific profession (penciler, colorist, etc.) in the subject line. Please be patient in waiting for a response.

Publishing Services

Stranger Comics is a comic book publishing company with full publishing and distribution services. If you have a completed book or a creator-owned work in progress with an artist team, we are happy to consider your book for release through Stranger Comics. Contact prior to sending over any pitch material as we may require a submission agreement depending on the project’s stage of completion. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse any submission.