About Us

Our mission: Stranger Comics creates content with a philosophy of quality, where both story and art are sacred and authentic representation matters.

The answer to “why Stranger Comics,” revolves around its hero, Niobe Ayutami. When we create stories, we want to ask our characters what we would ask ourselves and our readers. For our maiden title where we introduce Niobe in THE UNTAMED: A Sinner’s Prayer, the question is: “Would you damn your family to save the world?” -- Would you?

For Niobe’s solo title, NIOBE: She is Life: “With a world divided, who do you turn to? If this the end, who will you be?” -- Who are you?

Who is Stranger Comics?

Stranger Comics was born because we wanted to build inclusive worlds where thought provoking stories exist. We didn’t want someone else to tell our tale. Our vision is uncompromising. So, along Stranger’s journey, the friends we have made are folks who share our belief that settling for mediocrity and status quo is the death of the human spirit.

Stranger Comics is everyday people daring to be great.

Our projects range from fantasy worlds to raucous comedies to children’s books with important life lessons. We’re not here for a hashtag or current trend. We produce our properties with genuine thought and care for story and representation. A good “idea” must be nurtured, it deserves our time and attention, so once released it can stand on its own two legs (or four) and evolve. Our goal is for our readers to feel an honest emotional connection because each story has a soul.

We do not create to be timely. We create our work to be timeless.

Stranger Comics was formed in the winter of 2007. Our first official comic convention as a publisher was in 2009 at San Diego Comic Con, sharing a booth with nine other indie publishers, where we were armed with issue #1 of The Untamed. Since then we have grown, traveling to many of the preeminent conventions and festivals where fans become friends become family. That is what we love about our community.

A note from Stranger Comics founder Sebastian:

Before Stranger Comics was conceived, we had shopped our fantasy comic ideas to several publishers. Some were cool. Some were not. Some thought I was crazy – which was true – about Niobe. I love her. And I was not about to let someone adopt her for a “flavor of the month” headline. I was not about to let else someone write my story – her story.

I wrote an article for AfroPunk which highlights my journey with creating Niobe – and how she filled a void in the entertainment industry and within me. To know a bit more, here is that article: https://afropunk.com/2018/05/we-need-a-black-girl-fantasy-lead-character-like-niobe-on-the-big-screen/

Since the AfroPunk article was published, Niobe and her world of Asunda have been put in development at HBO. I’m executive producing and co-writing with Prentice Penny (Insecure, Uncorked). Executive Producers also attached are Mimi DiTrani and President of Television at Anonymous Content (former HBO EVP) David Levine, who I couldn’t be more excited to work with.


Our comics and children’s books have received praise from Comic Book Resources, Geek & Sundry, Nerdist, Bleeding Cool, Ebony, Vogue, MTV, Huffington Post, People Magazine, and many more. Here are a few quotes:

“We all have a Niobe inside ourselves, and it’s time to let her roar.”
– VIOLA DAVIS (from her foreword)

"THE UNTAMED promises to be an epic tale, conceived and crafted not only with a great love of comics, but also a profound understanding of the power of visionary storytelling."

"What's not to love about Jones and Bertging's The Untamed: it's a Sergio Leone, Frank Frazetta, William Blake fever dream mash-up. And that's just where it begins!"
- LLOYD LEVIN (Watchmen, Hellboy, Boogie Nights)

“Not only do you get the beautiful artwork and creative storytelling… but also the sense that you’re supporting a movement of strength.”

“Intellectual property superpower.”

“The girl hero we deserve.”

“A tribute to all badass black women.”

Our titles include:

The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer, The Untamed: Killing Floor, The Untamed: Still a Fool, Niobe: She is Life, Niobe: She is Death, Dusu: Path of the Ancient, Erathune, Essessa: The Fallen, Tales of Asunda: Silver Blood, Morka Moa: Rise of the Jade Lord, Salvador, Pinata, Ruining Christmas, I Am Book Series: I Am Mixed, I Am Living in 2 Homes, I Am Awesome.


Sebastian A. Jones and Stranger Comics are represented by the WME agency, and the law offices of Felker, Toczek, Gelman and Suddleson.