Morka Moa #2 eBook
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Morka Moa #2 eBook

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"I will make you remember...MORKA MOA!"

In this tale of urgency and sacrifice, we meet Niobe at her infancy. Before The Black Moon Tribe of Galmren (Wild Elves as seen in Niobe & Dura), it was Twelve Feathers that looked after the future queen. If only she could live.

The Jade Lord, MORKA MOA has caught her scent, and has brought his Grachukk (Orc) clan to the hunt. The Mora Ujaheim have conquered most of the Desert of the Dying Tree. If they can capture the greatest prize in Asunda, Morka Moa will have the power to rival the Gods.


Written by Darrell May & Sebastian A. Jones
Art by Darrell May
Colors by Ryan Caskey

FOR THE COLLECTORS: Issue #1 includes the 1st appearances of Nunka and Chief Eskanu.

Issues #1 and #2 are available in printed format and ebook. Other covers are available elsewhere in the Stranger store.

PLEASE NOTE: Issue #2 is an error variant that says issue #1 on the cover.